Former LLP member allowed to pursue ‘whistleblower’ claim

first_imgThe Employment Appeal Tribunal has allowed a former managing partner at a limited liability partnership (LLP) to pursue a claim against the firm in an alleged whistleblowing case. In Roberts v Wilsons Solicitors LLP & Ors (Victimisation Discrimination: Whistleblowing), EAT president Mrs Justice Simler DBE (pictured) said Andrew Roberts, who was a member of Wilsons Solicitors LLP of St Johns Street, Salisbury, could pursue a claim for post-termination losses.In November 2015, the employment tribunal concluded that Roberts’ claim in relation to when his LLP membership terminated faced an ‘insurmountable hurdle’. Neither party challenged this decision, though Roberts reserves the right to do so on any further appeal.The tribunal also ruled that ‘the losses that flow from that termination should be struck out’.Overturning that ruling, the EAT judgment states that ‘no reasons or explanation were provided for that decision and strictly speaking, it may have been an enlargement of the scope of the application to strike out for which permission was neither sought nor granted’.Simler accepted Roberts’ submission that the lower tribunal had been wrong to strike out the compensation claim for termination ‘in advance of consideration of the evidence and the facts’.She added that the ‘mere fact that the claimant has not challenged the expulsion as a detriment in itself does not entail that his argument that losses following his expulsion are attributable to the earlier unlawful treatment is doomed to fail’.The EAT’s judgment states that Roberts had brought tribunal proceedings claiming compensation for ‘detriments suffered by him as a worker as a result of the making of protected disclosures pursuant to section 47B [of the] Employment Rights Act 1996’.Roberts claimed his LLP membership ceased with effect from 5 February 2015.However, the LLP ‘did not accept’ that there had been any repudiatory breach of the agreement, saying Roberts remained a member ‘albeit in breach of the agreement because he had failed to provide any service’. Roberts was given notice, expelling him from the LLP, on 30 April 2015 with immediate effect.Simler said Roberts ‘may pursue his claim for post-termination losses said to be attributable to the alleged unlawful conduct of the respondents prior to his expulsion’.’If he establishes liability, it will be a question of fact and judgment for the tribunal to determine whether his claim for compensation on this basis satisfies the requirements of section 49(2) [of the 1996 act], and if so, what compensation is just and equitable in this case’.Wilsons Solicitors told the Gazette: ‘As the case is ongoing, we are not in a position to comment other than to say that Mr Roberts’ claim is without merit and we are defending it vigorously.’last_img read more

Logo for next seasons outdoor hockey game with Colorado College and Denver

first_imgroxfan00 SportsLogos.Net altosax29b 19,560 posts Sports Logos 0 All Activity Posted May 18, 2015 Location:Colorado 0 0 Location:Kansas Link to post Location:DC area Followers 0 Sodboy13 Members 8,685 Logo for next seasons outdoor hockey game with Colorado College and Denver 23 Here’s the logo they’re going with for the outdoor game at Coors Field next season. 5,159 Link to post Sign in to follow this   Members 0 Share this post Sports Logo News 8,685 139 Phoenix is a bangwagon town Members 543 posts Forums Home Location:Effington WSU151 Forums Home 23 Members Share this post Share on other sites 139 Posted May 21, 2015 Share on other sites 41 Recommended Posts 41 Way too much going on. Gradients, a whole bunch of logos, sports equipment, text on text…meh. 41 Link to post Go To Topic Listing SportsLogos.Net 17,487 posts Followers 0 WSU151 Link to post Well, that was six minutes in Illustrator poorly spent. Looks good to me. All Activity Share this post 2,392 posts Sodboy13 Share this post roxfan00 Posted May 18, 2015 By roxfan00, May 18, 2015 in Sports Logo News Share this post ICTknight Share on other sites altosax29b 23 139 Link to post Logo for next seasons outdoor hockey game with Colorado College and Denver This topic is now closed to further replies. Yep, that’s a logo. Location:Philadelphia, PA Posted May 21, 2015 0 Share on other sites Share on other sites Sports Logos Sign in to follow this   Sports Logo News 962 posts Posted May 20, 2015 8,685 ICTknight 5,159 Logo for next seasons outdoor hockey game with Colorado College and Denver 5,159 Members Favourite Logos:Barcelona DragonsHartford WhalersUS Soccer RattlesnakeJoliet Slammers “J-Bird”NBA All-Star New Orleans Crawfishlast_img read more

It’s so simple for Simon

first_img2nd Yui Bietry (10) 36ptsB Flight1st Peter Henshaw (17) 35pts2nd Pierre Bietry (15) 35ptsNear Pins:  Gabriel Enright (2), Alain Bellec, Colin Sansom. Old friend Simon Spalding, who plays his golf out of the Eastwood golf club in Melbourne Australia, was a sight for sore eyes, at least that is until he spoilt the warm welcome by coming in with the only score better than par for the top flight and match honours.  Simon’s 37 points was one better than the very consistent Yui Bietry.Colin the Golf Manager, left, congratulates Simon Spalding following his excellent win at St. Andrews.Peter ‘Don O’Corleone’  Henshaw continued his way to the pay window, a two time top spot finish in as many games, gaining a count-back victory over Yui’s other half Pierre as they both settled for silver.Don Lehmer, Chaten Patel, Jez Lees, Pierre Bietry and Adam Oyston shared the ‘2’s pot.Tuesday, June 21, Khao Kheow – Stableford1st Peter Hynard (14) 37pts2nd Eddy Beilby (15) 32ptsIt was off to the fine display of Khao Kheow for the mid week fixture, and it was Peter the right honorable Hynard who awoke (well his golf never sleeps) to throw 37 points at the yellow tees and A Flight.To say that Eddy the Eagle was gob smacked to find his 32 point haul took the silver would be an understatement.  Colin the donkey and Jan the quite one were a shot back and received exactly what they expected – nothing.No 2’s so it’s a rollover on Wednesday.Wednesday, June 22, Bangpra – Stableford1st Terry Mangan (10) 34pts2nd Nelly Stoor (18) 34pts3rd Jim Bell (17) 32ptsOn a day that turned out to be a non counting day it was the scourge of Co. Wicklow and Walking Street, Terry Mangan, who bettered Nelly Stoor with a more favorable distributed 34 points.  This left the newly arrived Aussi Jim Bell to pick up the bronze two shots back.‘The donkey’ Peter Henshaw and Jimmy Day were just one point of the podium steps.Mike the welsh wizard picked up a healthy rollover 2’s pot.Friday, June 24, The Emerald – StablefordA Flight1st Eddy Beilby (15) 39pts2nd Terry Mangan (10) 39ptsB Flight1st Ed Delaney (29) 37pts2nd Peter Henshaw (17) 33ptsThe last day of the week is usually held on one of the local courses when possible to avoid Friday Sukhumvit traffic.  So it was off to the very popular Emerald, but this does not mean that some of the lads get back any quicker for some unknown reason!Eddy’ the Eagle’ always fairs well here and today was no exception as he was one of only two players to better par.  Eddy’s very creditable top score of 37 points gave him the senior flight and match honors.  Co. Wicklow man Terry “you know who” carded a very useful even par round for the silver.Dropping down to the junior flight saw an all Irish affair as Ed Delaney showed all his experience to post the only other day’s subpar round to take the flight with a solid 37 points.  Peter ‘Don O’Corleone’ Henshaw with a favorable count-back over Kevin Selms rounded out the flight.No 2s were recorded so a rollover to Sunday.Note:  Lewiinski’s is situated on Pattaya Land Soi 1, Beach Road Soi 13/3 near to Walking Street.  Anyone wishing to play with us just pop in and add your name to the list or call Colin on 089 826 0764.  Transport is provided. PSC golf from Lewiinski’sSunday, June 19, St Andrews – StablefordA Flight1st Simon Spalding (1) 37ptslast_img read more

Picture of serenity

first_imgThere were a lot of laughs even though we were destroyed about five down.It was the ladies’ day today with two fellas getting 4th and 3rd both on a meager 32 points. Thiery Petrement took 4th and Les Easton 3rd.Then the ladies came to play with Phin Stewart taking 2nd place with 35 points and Sasicha Duangkham taking the top spot with a fine 40 points and she was consistent with 20 points on each side.There were no two’s recorded. PSC Golf from the BillabongPhoenix gold on Monday, Nov. 4, and a picture of serenity it was. A 4 ball in front of us and off we went in grand conditions for golf. The course was in great condition but the greens were a little fluffy and a lot of putts pulled up short until you got the hang of them.We were invaded by the Smiths today with Paul, Joanne, Ronan and Dave playing as a team. Only Dave is a local, the other members of the Smith family are on holiday and enjoying themselves.With 5 groups playing and apart from the visitors from the old dart there was another two visitors from Australia so a challenge was mounted between the lefties and righties. Unfortunately for Wes Rado, he really had to play Sandy and Mark all by himself as the Capt. at the moment is kinda crippled – but thanks for putting up with me mate.last_img read more