Reality is bitter ; Will it become better?

first_imgReality is bitter- will it become better?It is well known that for most people the reality is bitter. That is the reason why, in today’s world, media like cinema and TV have their hey days as people want to forget the unpleasant reality at least for a few hours. Media s seen to capitalise on this situation.Superstitious ideas and poverty are the two main causes for the bitterness seen among people. Religions play a huge role in causing disturbances throughout the world due to the kind of alienation they bring about. Ethnicity in Africa and castes in India also are a major source of friction between different sections of people.When all religions preach love and compassion how is that that they fail to unite people of different faiths? Is it not quite an irony? It is simply because of the fact that religious teachings are not followed in true letter and spirit.Faithfully practicing  physical culture (religious rituals and customs) associated with different religions is  seen as important means of following the religion and a way of distinction between different groups.  But the value based religious tenets go almost abegging.Breaking coconuts before deities, tonsuring as a religious vow,  applying holy ash on the foreheads and a plethora of other practices are being followed by the Hindus with all seriousness while much importance is not given to the human values such as love and compassion, Truth and honesty as found in Hindu religious scriptures.Similarly sporting  long beards, wearing  head caps and some different ways of dressing are followed diligently by Muslims while  the essential tenets of Islam such as universal brotherhood, helping the poor, compassion for the weak and women etc. are neglected by many. The same thing can be said of other major religions like Christianity and Sikhism.So we find that people give more importance to physical rituals and customs as a means of exhibiting their faith in the respective religions. But the most important  human values  preached in all religions is given a big go by. This phenomenon raises a serious question whether religions can unite people at all. It is quite likely that the answer will be in the negative given the kind of the historical evidences available.Similarly ethnicity and castes also have played havoc on the lives and livelihoods of millions of people.This only shows that man’s primitive instinct like his selfish nature could not be overcome by religious doctrines. Scientific advancements have also not been able to influence people’s thinking and opinions positively in a significant measure. Strangely we also find that science is being misused to propagate and promote superstitions.In such a scenario, what is needed is to rely on and utilise scientific truths to dispel myths about social concepts such as  religion, castes, ethnicity etc.The following may be useful in causing some changes  in the mental attitudes of people.Theory of evolution should be highlighted at every opportunity. People should be made to understand that all humans have the same origin and distinctions developed much later because of the survival instinct, a basal trait of all living things including humans. Though religions were developed by good humans to discipline primitive man, they have been a big failure in doing the same. If religions had any positive impact on human behaviour the world would be free of conflicts by now. But that has not happened, a bitter truth.Similarly castes in India have played a major role in keeping alive the discrimination and poverty. Science reveals the people of the world are a mixed one. Mitochondrial DNA studies have established this fact. This truth should be highlighted with all seriousness. This should be done specially in schools and colleges so that they can be induced to think rationally, which can help the young minds to shed their myths about religions, castes etc.The historical truth of mixing of different religious, racial and caste groups because of wars, male chauvinism and other social issues must be taught in college level.If we are not going to address these issues seriously we will continue to live in a world which will be bitter to live and the cinema and TV will continue to enjoy their hey days.last_img read more