The Enlightenment of morality to our Shanghai dragon industry brings

the meaning of this sentence is to understand others, can be wise. To know who is the true wisdom. We should not only know your own rival website Shanghai Longfeng, to learn more about their website. We always complain that many Shanghai dragon love, when others see the site in the front row, while their website ranking is not ideal, will say in front of the row is several garbage station, love Shanghai crazy words. In fact, he did not know that their website is even worse, if your site is well done, the search engine and users will naturally favor our website. Don’t always complain about the love of Shanghai, when we have no way to change the algorithm, we had to change themselves, their own websites do better, more in line with the user experience, there is no need to worry read more

Shanghai Longfeng optimization process how to do to improve your search engine weight

second, the operation method of original articles. When the original operation, first his own creation, a lot of friends if familiar with their products, familiar with their website business then can own manual operation, however, a lot of friends is not very good, often write original articles like the daoshan, under fire. Brains and not fruit, the author focus on the original article is how to improve the amount collected. 1, for the best original articles and original articles remained above 50%, before I saw a Laoniao said 30% different, now for a general weight website, 30% from each other, the author found that no longer apply, unless your site weight is very high, can directly copy, we are here for analysis of the general website gives the case, please do not to learn knowledge is the key problem of special undeniably. 2, the user experience. It would be just the rise of Taobao off a lot of people in order to improve the site included, Se included a confused, put all sorts of things together, after knowing you’re smothering with your own site read more