Website construction direction and action

in the operation of the current situation, most enterprises have ignored a little behind. One reason is that companies do not know how to promote the network, do not know the significance of network promotion, on the other hand is the network promotion costs relative to the cost of the construction site is much higher. As a cost of 3000 yuan of the website, will only be three moderately popular keywords optimization to love Shanghai home, its cost is in ten thousand above, if we need to optimize to other search engine page or for other forms of promotion activities, but also in the number of its costs far above. read more

Grassroots teach you how to do with early website optimization

link exchange is the fastest way to improve your website and weight. Very difficult to change the link to a new station on the line, this is the need of time to find the. For the lottery website construction in this site, is even more difficult, the chain resources can be very rare. In order to make sure my friends of the chain resources, I usually change some links, and then buy some links. Link to buy love sea Yan fight, but appropriate to buy some of the weight is not too high, the content of the website related to our website links, is still very effective. Love one day in Shanghai to crawl the site too much, for me this modest link to buy, love Shanghai algorithm is difficult to count to. read more

Calm attitude towards Shanghai you can do it

should keep calm "Shanghai dragon" is not easy, just like the stock market, we all know to buy low and sell high, but when the stock price began to rise, many people began to buy, when the stock price began to fall, many people began to sell… This is the human nature to maintain calm inertia, easy the influence of external factors, to maintain proper pace.

recently very prosperous "calm" Black Tea, let this "calm" also appeared in various different commodities or nouns, in fact as early as in the "calm" is not so famous Black Tea before the calm Shanghai Longfeng is already many network above the topic of discussion, what is "calm Shanghai dragon" Shanghai Dragon? Changsha Xue Fenglai as we explain: read more

Liu Jinge a comprehensive analysis of Shanghai dragon industry four big danger

the second industry pressure

speaking may survival problem you will think of wages, because people now live certainly and money have a direct relationship. Especially in the big city, no money you will not survive. Only when you have enough money, you can have a good, you can have a certain entrepreneurial advantage than others. I want to now Shanghai Longfeng 80 should be a little more junior workers. And after eight O now also marry and settle down age, if only do Shanghai Longfeng specialist more than 1000 dollars a month salary I’m sure you can not solve the question, not to mention you married with his wife and children, you may now even hungry hungry is yourself, and after a few years if married you are one family is hungry hungry. You feel you can in this bustling city life? read more

Modify the search algorithm focus on the mobile phone end users Google search will be a big change

A modified

lead: modify the search algorithm, focus on the mobile phone end users.


site of the new algorithm in order to reduce the dissatisfaction of Google, Google unveiled its plans in two months ago, and made a detailed step-by-step guide (贵族宝贝>

from the beginning of next Tuesday, Google will modify the intelligent mobile phone search algorithm, this change will affect millions of people shopping, forage for food and for the future of information.

Google has been to promote the website caters to mobile devices, the main reason is that more and more people search information through mobile devices. Market research firm comScore data show that U.S. mobile search volume growth of about 5%, PC search volume decreased slightly. ComScore estimates for the fourth quarter of last year, mobile devices accounted for 29% of the search volume is about 18 billion 500 million times. Most of the Google search, Google America accounted for 2/3 of the search market share in many other countries, the share is even higher. read more

A professional must establish their own long term Shanghai dragon Er resources

? In fact,

is the first blog resources, blog resources is an accumulation of resources, while long-term resources we must be accumulated resources. It is no use, such as the classification of information as the rankings included fast, fast, to go fast, and do not accumulate, because they can only give you information so long in its platform. But blogs are not the same, as long as you have a week to maintain and update, basically do not spend too much of your time. And this weight is cumulative, that is to say to your blog and the longer the weight you higher. I often see some friends to do the Sina blog PR3, or even PR4. Here recommended by the way light blog, the blog is now light the fire, very good included in the ranking ability, we can also do some general words, do ten different types of blog can be, I do. read more

Because the site is down right and its solution

The common causes of the following Now the

2, website code one change too much lead to drop right

1 server, due to the unstable space right down

solution: it’s what I said, write an article copy and paste ten more than a week, from now on, two or three original, weight will be near the site of recovery, of course, the article should have quality.

solution: if the site requires larger revision, it should be time to spread a little change, don’t focus on a certain time.

3, the mass of the chain lead to fall right read more

An analysis of seven medical sites outside the chain of high quality construction

3, search Q & A and answer

The two level domain name

blog, 39 Health Blog

The soft

two to find some large website to do stand, to set TITLE to the name of the web site or web site, the chain is also a good method of weight.

5, love experience 1,

do not underestimate the love experience of Shanghai, a huge potential, although released not long, but I personally feel that the love experience of Shanghai one day.

today just for a company, a "large" health care business promotion company, large quotes because it is not large, but for bigger, have spent a lot of money, each city has received a medical station to promote, this recruit 40 people several promotion, just today one day, not what to do, because I have a medical website, they want to test my level estimation and analysis to a medical station website, let me surprise is the chain way to learn some good quality, I give you say. read more

Baby love and noble Shanghai released the 2015 annual hot search term the amount of the difference


in October this year, Odom was dying. Odom broke the news that a brothel in Nevada with many women for a number of days of carnival, and uses an herbal viagra instead of, or so the body to produce adverse effects, there is a critical situation. According to the latest reports in November, Odom has been able to walk again.

Google officially announced the 2015 annual global hot search list, with Internet users search for the highest frequency vocabulary reviews the hot issues people are most concerned about and social trends this year. Fell in love with the sea week also released a hot search list, from the specific classification and results, seemingly more entertainment. read more

Do we talk about the Shanghai Dragon

content, over the years always emphasize the user experience, always emphasize the plate put what like, but many companies are based on the understanding of sensory judgment, user experience still need to have more data for reference. On the other.

with the current trend, media special channel cooperation but also to maintain the normal weight of six months to a year, so take advantage of the directional flow of fishing or can do, after who can not say, but I will over the operation of the project, the audience and the conversion of different platforms are different, this one do fine should still have room to rise. read more