Wang Qiang talking about the construction of school website

in the Internet world of all encompassing, it is necessary to have a method and skill to make a website with school characteristics. Below I to the school homepage manufacture, discusses own several opinions.

1: locate the theme and name of the website

The theme of

1. is characteristic and ingenious. Positioning should have school characteristics, the content should be exquisite. If you want to make a site all cover and contain everything, that wonderful things are on top, it will often backfire, give people the feeling is no theme, no characteristics, has everything but everything is superficial, because it is not possible to have so much energy to maintain it. The biggest feature of the network is the new and fast, the current most popular home page is updated every day, or even updated every few hours. The latest survey results also showed that " on the network; the subject station " " Wanquan station " more popular, like stores and department stores, if I need to buy some things, will choose to buy the shop. Of course, the school website should have the characteristics of the school. read more

Small Adsense is also the most able to do the station and the most do not do standing groups

explains, "small station" is a personal webmaster, weak grassroots groups, without any discrimination, not including those who started early, achieve success and win recognition. If you have been successful on the Internet, please cross over, and if it is in trouble, please continue to read.

was yesterday a "small station is the most profitable not to spend the most enthusiastic peer group", also made a review, there are friends in the comments "this part of the group of small owners only interested in money, but to do things without a sense of taste (not interested), can be said to have some wood no……". In fact, I think this friend’s comments are something of Platon’s spirit. read more

Novice talk about soft writing of new ideas

said to write soft Wen, I also also on a novice, because I’m just a few days ago just learned to write soft Wen, now share my writing soft idea.

personal feeling, write text may not be completely original, we can learn from others essence summed up his thoughts, and let others work into their works (but the author seems a bit… I didn’t do it, this is just an idea. ) and then find a suitable place to plug in our website connection, it is best not to add too much connection. Because you add too much connection, then people see at a glance is a AD post, no one is willing to go to see, it is likely to be deleted by the administrator. When I write the soft text, I will sum up other people’s ideas, other people’s ideas to change their new ideas, note that this is absolutely no copy of the ingredients. read more

Suffering from uneven nternet to vent tanning network is very popular

    Internet "wages" and "Sun qualifications" is not what happens, a recent Internet "Tan" style began to pop up in the public, reporters according to the clues provided by users, in the Baidu search for "Tan Tan" into the network, many people will encounter their grievances in this website "drying out".

encounters uneven Internet to vent

  recently, sophomore coke Wei a university in Nan’an District, because the cold came to a pharmacy to buy medicine near the school, the store clerk enthusiastically to her to sell all kinds of cold treatment "medicine", coke Weihua 200 yuan of money to buy "medicine". Go back to see the ingredients, with the usual 10 dollars can buy those drugs, no difference, "I feel cheated, but there is no evidence."." Jiao Wei speaks quite depressed. read more

What are the key factors for the development of the web game industry

as the focus of the Internet profit source, China’s online games industry still has very high attention at present. With the development of Internet software and hardware and the rising number of Internet users in China, and the change of Internet users’ demands for entertainment and leisure, the domestic online games industry has also undergone tremendous changes. Some of the traditional online looking for a new breakthrough in the game content and form, the gradual transformation of sports and leisure to enter the field of online games, web games, and A new force suddenly rises. with strong advantage in the premise, has a broad development prospects and huge market potential, and vigorously expand the game player groups and industry scale. read more

What is the location of an enterprise website

now each site has its own position, it should be to design the website located in what place? The current domestic website design should be internationalized? Or should the localization? I think we should absorb international style for me, and then digested, and joined the local elements, it will carry forward.

Does the

web interface need internationalization or localization? It’s really an important topic in the Internet age. Due to some problems caused by cultural differences, some people put forward the concept of internationalization of the interface, which means that an interface will be refined in every region and country culture, living habits, to adapt to, or the agreement into standard, international traffic signs is an important example. Localization, however, is the interpretation of the needs of a consumer group in a particular region and country. read more

Anti Taobao union zouhuorumo owners and entrepreneurs should have a positive attitude

anti Taobao union set up to remind the executive Caution!


today published online webmaster such a news, anti Taobao union mourning protest Ma reminded Caution! Executives. Before analyzing the news, first review the "anti Taobao alliance" before the fight against Taobao mall event. In October 10th, Taobao mall issued new regulations to receive the 2012 merchant fee will be from the current 6000 yuan per year to 30 thousand yuan or 60 thousand yuan two files, most of the businesses as a service consumer security deposit deposit will be from the current 10 thousand yuan, adjusted to 50 thousand yuan to 150 thousand yuan. Taobao mall substantial increase access threshold, so that the original shopping environment has become a brutal mall, Ma said that the threshold to improve the mall is to establish a good electricity supplier credit system, to stop the mall fake phenomenon. Many small and medium-sized sellers because of the strength of the weak, unable to pay the deposit, facing exit from the risk of the mall, have expressed dissatisfaction. Then, in October 11th, a large number of mall sellers gathered YY voice composition "anti Taobao League", by attacking Han Douyi, homes and other well-known mall, big seller way to fight Taobao new regulations. Subsequently, more and more people, the more intense the incident, the anti Taobao alliance even launched a siege of Taobao headquarters, became the 3Q after the war, but also a national concern of the Internet big event. read more

Do the student stationmaster doubt

I am a student, started my first website last year. The beginning is to want to do a classified information station, because still reading, funds are very limited. So the program is basically free to find on the Internet. When first started, confidence is very adequate. The profit mode of thought a lot, but was later found, requires a lot of manpower and material resources to implement, so far as my ability is not able to do so, now the classification of information station down, do a health related articles, because it does not require a great effort to manage. Up to now I still very confused, a student webmaster should do what kind of station. I hope you guys can show a read more

Enterprise website maintenance update original content how to write

Relative to the

website and industry website, enterprise website content update is a problem, early contact with enterprise website maintenance is a headache, but do a period of time, enterprise website SEO original content update is not difficult, simply from the morning century original content as follows:


1, industry news, this is done for the original contents of data sources, for example, I used the information collection of glass steel industry website, after careful editing each website background, which is different from the original, so as to avoid the search engine through read more

Analysis of main points of wedding website construction

with the rapid development of Internet technology, website construction has become an integral part of the enterprise. Web site production technology is not advanced technical knowledge, what kind of website can be easily constructed, resulting in the emergence of a large number of garbage sites, the phenomenon of putting the cart before the horse. The same is true for wedding websites. So, why does this happen,


some people say that the wedding site production depends on the choice of the network company is professional, whether technical skills and good service attitude is good enough. In the case of Rui technology, this is only one point. More importantly, the wedding enterprise itself, enterprises in the construction of the site is ready to do all the time, or blind in order to build websites and construction site, read more