Several major projects suitable for female venture capital

in women entrepreneurship so prevalent today, entrepreneurial project selection is a critical factor, women often have a lot of choice project opportunities in life there are a lot of good business projects is to choose, what are?

1. open beer bar

in the hot summer, people are willing to drink a cup of cool cool Coca Cola beer. Therefore, you can choose the street corner, a corner of the park or the residential area of space, a few sun umbrellas, put on tables and chairs and beer, even if it was born open-air beer. You can provide the brewing of beer, ice beer and other high-quality new beer, let beer bar with novelty and features to attract customers. Ice beer is the last century in 90s the rise in foreign countries, is green beer to uniform scraper type heat exchanger, the beer is cooled to a suitable temperature, the emergence of ice crystals, and the wine with ice to crystallization tank, after mixing make ice beer and fully formed. This makes the beer cool and pure, soft and refreshing taste, especially its heat is less than 20% of the ordinary beer, but also effectively retained the nutrients in beer, so men and women can drink. So, open the beer bar, you’d better buy a cold beer production equipment, according to the current market conditions, the equipment at the price of ten thousand yuan, plus other costs, only need to invest twenty thousand yuan, an open-air beer will belong to you. read more

Selection of professional entrance Toudang professional popular on the earth which are really a head

great event has passed the college entrance examination once a year, the college entrance examination are arguably   you can totally relax it, may not be so easy, parents, the school will not let you go, seeing the entrance Toudang is about to begin, all picked out without professional. Just the end of the college entrance examination for graduates, college entrance examination Toudang selected professional is really a headache. Here to look at the world, look at the world’s most popular professional. read more

Pay attention to young people entrepreneurial pain point to build service platform

young is to struggle, the young entrepreneurial capital is young, but they also have a lot of pain, they want to start to do poineering work better, to better service platform for young entrepreneurs.

3 25 afternoon, China Computer Society (CCF) more than 20 people in Hefei branch chairman, vice president of HeFei University of Technology Liu Xiaoping, to research the "double" high tech zone. Working committee member, deputy director of the CMC Lv Changfu hospitality, assistant director of the CMC Wang Wei 5F, a coffee, a person in charge of Huizhong Su River space, office, Trade Bureau, Personnel Bureau, Finance Bureau, bureau of science and technology, China Merchants will be responsible for ginseng. read more

Lottery entrepreneurship innovation school in Chongqing

in such a national entrepreneurial tide, all over the country are actively build some entrepreneurial class, some entrepreneurs to provide some new business information, it has also been a lot of entrepreneurs welcome.

in the national wave of entrepreneurship, your heart is not ready to, but suffer from good projects can not find, do not know how to start; or, you have to go in business on the road, do not know how to go to a broader world. Now, the city has been ready for the lottery center of a business gift, to sign up to get it! read more

Shop named taboo

has a shop named related skills to master, but at the same time, if you want to make this shop can get more sure, natural and related taboo needs attention, so as to let the store have a more satisfactory good name. So, shop name taboo? Let Xiaobian for you to do a simple introduction.

first, take meaningless names. The name of the shop is taboo, such as the combination of letters, or imitate the name of another person to change the phenomenon of a word. These are not sensible choices.

second, with shengpizi. The shop name shall be legible, memorable, catchy, do not use partial words, words, words. The name is the best way to promote their own, if the customer wants to recommend a shop to a friend, but because do not know the word and called out the name, but also a loss for sellers. read more

Liang Yihua opened foreign trade clothing store monthly income of 5000

the people before the university is to have a lot of college students have a secure job, don’t think so, they have their own ideas, not to go to the formality of the boring class, choose their own business, and many people have been successful, there are several female students with their entrepreneurial experience inspires us today, they open the Internet foreign trade clothing store, every month can earn $5000!

read more

No money how entrepreneurship college students started 2 yuan to earn 3 million in 200

200 yuan started 2 years to earn $3 million. A large junior high school students in the use of his intelligence and high EQ, two years to earn the money. 200 yuan can do business? His name is Pan Wenwei, when he first came to Guangzhou in 2007, only 200 yuan in his pocket, and now he is the owner of a large car. Because of busy business, Pan Wenwei had wanted to drop out, but finally insisted on down.

200 yuan can do business? When the tutor selling t-shirts to earn extra money

was only 22 year old Pan Wenwei was born in a small town in Guizhou. Originally a worker’s family, a family of five on a technical worker in the power supply bureau’s monthly salary of 1000 yuan living. In 2007, Pan Wenwei was admitted to the school of geography and planning. 200 yuan can do business? After coming to Guangzhou, in order to reduce the burden on parents, Pan Wenwei not only apply for the school work study, but also look around to make money. read more

Lei Feng doll let women returnees fame

a lot of people say that entrepreneurship is difficult, said the market is difficult to find business opportunities, in fact, as long as you work hard, as long as you pay more attention, more than that, a lot of business opportunities in front of! Now, let us go and see Lei Feng doll by wealth of female returnees!

During the period of studying in Germany, read more

Returnees venture into the booming period

With the deepening of China’s opening up to the outside world,

continues to surge. The government actively investment, while returnees themselves are willing to return to the motherland, entrepreneurship development.

2015, the government put forward the public entrepreneurship, people’s innovation, the call, and the introduction of a series of preferential policies, innovation and entrepreneurship situation is very good. This is also the Chinese people across the globe to convey a clear signal of the government – welcome you back to business, innovation, returnees venture into the boom boom. read more