Guangdong housing prices behind the collective housing prices behind the inertia of the scale of the

Chinese family concept is very strong, the house as a person’s family harbor, is essential to life! With the acceleration of urbanization, many people choose to buy a house in the city. But in the face of high prices, to the masses of the people caused great pressure. This time, with the first half of this year, a second tier cities turnover hot, the majority of listed companies to enhance the overall performance of the benchmark housing prices. From the recent billion dollar think tank released in 2016 1-6 months in China, the typical housing sales performance list is more visible in general. read more

16 years of small entrepreneurial projects released

a lot of friends want to do a small business, seeing the pace of 2016 is getting closer and closer, you are also very want to know what are the 16 small entrepreneurial projects? Today Xiaobian recommend a few small entrepreneurial projects, you want to seize the opportunity to make money, come and see.

16 small entrepreneurial projects newly released: flowers made crafts

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Children’s learning table what brand to list a few good brands

recently opened a school, many parents are busy for their children to buy school supplies, some parents are asking, what is a good table for children to learn? The following small series for you to recommend a number of cost-effective children’s learning table. Provide some experience and reference to those who are trying to buy or hesitate.

1, handsome learning table

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The delicious cake ten brands list the whole

silky sweet cake can make people more trust delicacy demand, in the face of characteristic cake delicious, people’s resistance is small, many consumers do not know how to choose a delicious cake, if you are in front of you in order to eat it, it is really such a good thing but in a nice hobble, generally does not occur. Not only that, Xiao Bian also is a little worse, a list of the world recognized the most delicious cake, only small, and everyone’s mood is the same. (ranked first), to see if you have eaten? read more

How to join the specialty drinks which is good the whole of lemon workshop

in our life, in the food and beverage market, want to successy enter the food and beverage industry, many franchisees. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the lemon workshop? Drinks with characteristics, it is worth our choice!

workshop to join in various drinks lemon delicacy choice filled with people’s stomach, it also brings more profit for the franchisee. Collocation sand ice, ice cream milk tea, coffee, Boudin, Korean kimbap, Egg Tart, Winfrey, Pork Chop, fresh taro, a variety of products such as Rice with Stewed Pork. Lemon drink workshop stores products for different levels of consumption crowd, the consumption throughout the off-season. read more

Han village fried chicken fried chicken in the fight

we all know what the fried chicken, fried chicken wings, because these are our daily life often eat delicious snacks, but you have to eat fried chicken? Do you think this is a good idea?. Han village chicken snacks will be traditional making technology and modern science and technology for the perfect combination, with more than 20 kinds of rare spices Peru, on-site production when the attractive color, aroma, products are obviously different from common fried chicken products. Han village chicken products golden color, crisp and tender, delicious taste wonderful, so that all who lead a person to endless aftertastes, taste amazing wow. Han village fried chicken snacks for the Korean production, and through frozen treatment to keep fresh, deep fried snacks, the skin fluffy crisp, rosin delicious, both crisp and tender inside, but also sweet and juicy. read more

Coffee points to join two suggestions

coffee dots all over the perfect corner, coffee across national borders, people can not live without a drink. Coffee dot has spread all over the city to become a good place for people to live in leisure, business negotiations, contact feelings. How to join a small coffee? How to join the proposal is worthy of reference?

coffee points to join two suggestions

coffee dot join proposal 1:

now a variety of coffee shops, competition is fierce. How to open a successful coffee shop franchise industry insiders believe that before the first coffee shop to determine the consumer object, which is the key to the success of the coffee shop. It is mainly targeted at China’s white-collar consumers, high-income groups and foreigners in China, and then use them to influence the younger generation of China; secondly, according to the consumer location to choose the ideal location. read more