What is the network marketing misunderstanding decomposition

before the author analyzes the basic concept of network marketing, but it is difficult to fully understand the concept of network marketing in the end is what to do. Many enterprises, especially some traditional enterprises in the network marketing on the cognitive errors. So in order to better understand the network marketing to eliminate misunderstanding, today, analysis of several typical misunderstanding.

1 network marketing is the network promotion

network marketing and network promotion is included and is included in the relationship between network marketing, including the network promotion, network marketing is a part of the network marketing. Network promotion focuses on "promotion", is through a variety of means to push the website or product service to the network platform, which brings the amount of hits. But the network marketing compared to focus on the marketing category, including creativity, budget, evaluation, analysis, etc. the story covers the entire marketing activity cycle, from the input-output ratio to evaluate the entire marketing success, whether direct economic benefits brought for the enterprise.

2 network marketing is to do a website

many business leaders say that we are doing network marketing, and has built a website. In fact, the establishment of a web site to hang on the Internet is the most basic marketing thing, even far from online marketing. Simply do a website on the Internet, as if to do a poster in the cabinet, it is difficult to have any use and role. Web site in the network marketing is a very important part of the site need to promote meaningful, if not promotion, not updated, not maintenance, not optimization, that the site is nothing.

3 network marketing is Baidu promotion

undeniable Baidu promotion for many companies is a very good network marketing, but Baidu is not all promotion. Many people mistakenly think that the site put on the auction that the network marketing. In fact, far from it, not to mention the delivery for many companies bidding will eat money, a keyword click on your day without food. For some companies, if some money put Baidu promotion can also launch other search engines, if the budget is enough also to set up network marketing team, which is more comprehensive and more system to do network marketing.

4 network marketing is posting

post is the most basic work in the network marketing, but if it is just like a migrant workers just like to know the physical strength and do not mind without creative technology, it is very sad. Hair seems to be able to do anyone else actually, the same two people will have different effects, the key is to post skills and ideas. Post can also bring business volume and sometimes on the site optimization also has some help, but the post is still a work in the network marketing, rather than all.

5 network marketing is website optimization

because of the popularity of search engines, the public needs knowledge and answers

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