After the era of advertising marketing posture kneeling on the floor to do a hard playing ghost

recently with a friend, CCTV learned that in recent years is experiencing a large landslide: 2014 CCTV advertising revenue income of about 30 billion; 2015 dropped to about 20 billion, while the 2016 "well will loss" (CCTV annual cost of about 18 billion). Similarly, the Beijing news media model is also deteriorating, 2015 revenue decline compared with last year more than 40%.

with the traditional media revenue avalanche corresponding: advertising large P & G about 40% of the traditional advertising agency reduced last year; domestic Lenovo in 2013 has been in the traditional media advertising budget cut to 40 million; Haier group since 2014 has not put the magazine hard wide……

traditional media hard advertising slump to Sri Lanka, basically give up treatment. However, this does not mean that under the banner of digital marketing banner of new media advertising can be successfully received.

is currently most of the Internet advertising scene (pop, peacock, banner and video chip), most of the "show" there is water. According to ComScore’s report last year, there are 54% of the world’s online display advertising is not seen: advertisers are paying for invisible advertising. This "invisible" contains fast scrolling, poor ad placement, and non manual traffic movements.

effect is not good, but the price is higher than the month of January. With the Baidu public data for reference: the first quarter of this year Baidu network marketing revenue grew 20%, but the number of customers grew 12%, overall revenue growth is far higher than the growth in the number of customers, which means that the average price rose sharply in the promotion service. This is not the case, almost all of the large Internet Co are so old customers holding meng.

overall, the effect of hard advertising exposure is not ideal, and the price is high. The key is to spread the value of hard wide generally stay in the shallow layer medium, reusability is not strong, poor penetration of advertising can occupy the scanty eyeball, but even occupied the eye, they cannot occupy the hearts of consumers.

who will make the hard wide spread effect maximized?

from the aesthetic point of view, hard wide temperament is similar to Nietzsche’s Apollonian spirit "– stable, official and rational. The traditional China advertisers generally seek "high grade atmosphere, low-key luxury connotation, regardless of commodity distinction, enterprises will create their own" official, professional, lean, reliable " brand image.

, on the contrary, the emerging social marketing tends to be more "Dionysian spirit" — breaking the taboo, excitement, crazy drunk and sentimental. Marketers tend to create "everyone together hot" crazy atmosphere, micro-blog ha ha party is an example.

grandson praised the "Clipsal" is the way of military struggle, "positive" is the principle of "odd" is flexibility; "positive" is

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