The cross border taxi software truth to teach you to play a marketing

Abstract: when a product has a massive user, the product itself has become a very powerful enterprise from the media and connected with the users of the channel, while the brand is the essence behind the cross, users in the mobile. Drops of the rise of the scene to create a travel, so that drops +XX cross-border model has spread value.

Valentine’s day has been a good day for marketers who are not afraid to hurt the feelings of young people, the brand communication has long been limited to rose chocolate. This year, it seems a little unexpected, in addition to young people, the elderly have become the muzzle of the prey".

The two day the bell

goods circle of friends was combined with Darry to launch Ring pieces of video brush a group of elderly people on Valentine’s day of the explosion, the topic also extends to "the most loving couple is not others, but your parents". Familiar with the festival, a taxi software and a proposal ring brand so ambiguous "tussle" together, really a little pull hate rhythm. Today this bell products more want to talk about those years have played some drops of cross-border marketing.

prefer cross-border, taxi software a Changba party debut,

It is often seen. cross marketing

in the taxi software that already, this is a bit like Darry Ring teamed up to launch the first Valentine’s Day activities, is more than the old couple, make a proposal, and will propose process record records from the wedding to Whitehead’s love, and then use social networks to form viral video. Then on Valentine’s day, Darry Ring with drops roll Valentine’s day red. Love her, take Darry Ring sat down to tell her. The characters (old man) + story (Valentine’s day about love) + communication channel (Social Network) + two brands in series, to complete the spread.

actually in the past, drops and other brands have more different crossover:

For example,

2014 double 11 drops combined with Gome, WeChat, in the country play the 11.11 major marketing campaign theme of "subversion", the user only needs to scan the corresponding two-dimensional code, you can receive the WeChat card package 100 yuan Gome exclusive coupons and the highest 8 yuan taxi drops of red envelopes.

December 2014 drops and Mengniu joint action to "Spring Festival integration, Mengniu cattle red Title drops of red envelopes, and launched the" red cattle happiness "caring activities, users have the opportunity to get after the car drops from Mengniu milk.

In addition,

drops and Ichiban shop in Chengdu to carry out the 200 anniversary of cross-border marketing, and do not wipe out the golden cup, and spark city convenient hotel launched the "horizontal line issue", and the copper Street held "time is money", and Ali health played a doctor, and the Jingdong drops in hand to do "father’s day to send love to go home" and so on and so on, beyond count.

another taxi software Uber also did not stop in cross-border marketing.

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