Open the station two months to sell connection experience

I have been surfing the Internet for nearly ten years, also did not leave what point in the network, so call almost mid November opened a forum, ha ha, the idea is very simple, want to do a forum to help you can quit smoking or smoking, because I had been there for years, he wanted to quit, but will always control not to smoke desire, now become more and more fierce, want to build a forum to find some bad habits with the same people to quit, you will have to monitor.


forum has set up a few days, everywhere looking for how to promote their own forum, let more people know, let more people to have a little popularity, the forum is good, have confidence in their own, once accidentally saw someone in the group to buy the connection, friendship connection also did not expect to make money, was very excited, the other to the price is low, I three stations, each station he put two connections, totaling only 15 yuan, but because it is the first open forum since their income, I feel very excited, and later learned through a friend, the website put GG ad code, can more or less to be rewarded, then apply a GG number, registration review put through, after long days, finally can be displayed, but also slowly mastered the GG what advertising costs more information such as, The middle also continued to contact several buy connection main advertising, the prices are high or low, I will station is a new station, about a month later, the site gradually made some flow to the connection is almost a price of 5 yuan, there is a big shot very generous, with two to 20 there is a big brother yuan, a one-time payment of the first half of the year, oh, anyway, now almost connection income is 300 yuan, GG advertising is 36+ dollars.

summarize the experience, for the newly built railway station stationmaster, certainly hope to sell more connections to increase revenue, on one hand to let others to affirm the fruits of their labour, on the one hand he is very rewarding, but also do not compromise the webmaster, buy price and satisfaction to their website to do this, it is good. Pay more attention to the group and the site connection information

must have awareness, must be on the network, what people have, some people, specially collected a lot of buyers to buy connection to QQ, and then find a lot of you, make you a connection, when you connect up to do, the liar to the buyer receiving money disappeared after leaving, confused you.

Oh, by the way to publish a liar QQ, I finished the connection after he was gone, 83536**, wait a few days no one to pay, then I dropped connections, people still find it webmaster.

finally, owners in the sale of end connections at the same time, do not patronize the excitement, must make a record, each record to, time, site, price, buyers of the QQ information, convenient query and expiration to buyers seeking renewals, set up a special group in turn has become the QQ, so that do not mess.

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