Some strategies of WeChat marketing


and shared the "analysis" of WeChat marketing enterprise’s internal and external environment, the main analysis is the enterprise WeChat marketing some of the external environment and the advantages and disadvantages, in this paper, we analyze and solve these problems which the enterprise should adopt strategies and measures.

1, the first thing to say is to ensure the quality of content and services, improve user stickiness

for WeChat user stickiness is too low for this problem, I think it can improve the readability of the content of the push to send information, improving service quality to improve user stickiness. How to increase user stickiness? Firstly, enterprises should pay attention to the readability of the content of the push to send information in WeChat marketing, push the content of information services for users, only users want to get something from your WeChat, users will trust you, and you become friends, then it will buy your product. Second, pay attention to push information frequency, a week is best not more than three times, too much information will disturb the push to the user, the worst consequence is the user to cancel the concern to you, of course, too little to push the number of users will forget the existence of the enterprise, in the course of time, you think WeChat is just a decoration no, from where you get what. Enterprises can also enrich the form of services, can increase the manual reply, keyword

reply system and other functions, not only can enrich the marketing content of the enterprise but also to facilitate the use of users. For example, a lot of big companies have to put the tentacles of the micro-blog WeChat, have increased the key word answer or answer function, for the enterprise to do a propaganda but also increased a lot of loyal fans.

2, interactive marketing strategy

in many ways of marketing, marketing is generally unilateral behavior, consumers only passive acceptance, lack of interaction, high interactive marketing WeChat just change this situation, how to make good use of the advantage of marketing is the key to our success in marketing. WeChat users want equality, rather than one-way attention like micro-blog, WeChat users hope that we can communicate directly. This is the core of WeChat marketing. If the company can put the WeChat business allows users to you as his friend, is to get the trust of users, get the user’s identity and purchase intention will be nothing difficult.

3, personalized WeChat marketing strategy

WeChat is also a major feature of its precision marketing features, high information arrival rate, high exposure rate is not comparable to other marketing methods. At present, many enterprises have not found the real WeChat marketing value, just as WeChat advertising platform, push information content is not high, so the loss of fans quickly received marketing effect is not high. In order to seize the heart of the old customers, to explore potential customers, first of all need to focus on the direction of the company’s marketing push information content, the content of gold in order to win the favor of users. Different types of enterprises must accurately locate the target customer base, clear the purpose of their own WeChat marketing, and accordingly marketing planning, >

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