Three line city micro marketing development trend

in recent years, the development speed of the Internet is really fast, many people do not understand the computer and the network is a thing, and now the concept of smart phones, WeChat, micro marketing, etc..

today, micro marketing in first-tier cities there has been like a raging fire, but in the three line of the city people is still in wait-and-see attitude, even if some businesses try to micro marketing, but most do not know how to promote, as shown in Figure 1 is the micro marketing framework.

micro channel marketing in the three cities encountered major resistance:

first, some large businesses in the local has a very good reputation, there are many stores, consumers can easily find them. These companies believe that the new marketing tools can not give them too much benefit. For example, I know a restaurant owner in the city there are 12 stores, each business is good. He told me that he was in favor of micro marketing this way, but now the business has been so good, it is difficult to do better, there is no need to invest in a new marketing approach.

second, small businesses in a wait and see attitude. Some small boss every day the impact of various concepts of chant, they think these things are very difficult, not very reliable or do not know how to use these means. They still used their long-standing means to attract customers. There is a boss and I said, I suddenly put thousands or even tens of thousands of money to go inside, do not know how the effect, if I put these activities used to do, you can bring a direct effect.

third, some businesses have used the means of micro marketing, but are in a very shallow stage. No systematic approach, of course, there is no good effect, which also makes a lot of people lack confidence in micro marketing. I have a friend working in a famous local area, they opened a WeChat platform, but little attention on the WeChat platform or any activities, this platform has not much effect on scenic spots.

in short, the main resistance encountered is the lack of network marketing ideas, but also reluctant to invest, there is no professional ideas.

in the three tier cities, how should we promote micro marketing it?

for those of us who carry out micro marketing promotion, we have a lot of work to do:

first, the three line of micro marketing to be gradual, starting from the initial micro marketing. Local companies, whether it is from the capital or human resources will not be too much investment, they often have to wait until a certain effect will be further investment.

secondly, to make some good cases, especially in some industries to help all companies in micro marketing to achieve some results. Several companies will soon affect the success of other enterprises.

third, promotion personnel to have a higher professional quality. Local companies on the concept of micro marketing was not very clear, the total marketing staff to promote micro marketing not only to push

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