WeChat sells osmanthus duck earning 500 thousand case analysis

is currently on a case, Nanjing is the sweet scented osmanthus duck, a month sales of 500 thousand, just to see the case of the protagonist Zhang Zichuang in the above youmi share reduction experience and his success and failure in the process of transformation in the WeChat business, and his understanding of WeChat’s operations. I saw a few times that is dry cargo, finishing down here for your reference.

share theme:

1, WeChat closed loop and its role in the operation of


2, with WeChat to sell things to be divided into three steps

, to create a perfect virtual image

II, how to establish a sense of trust with customers

, seize the opportunity to use holidays

3, WeChat to sell the practical weapon: circle of friends

, ambiguous economic and emotional marketing

, customer relationship maintenance tool: personal WeChat

, how to import a new user account for WeChat

, how to operate the

circle of friends

4 WeChat operating closed-loop and its role

from WeChat’s interface point of view, WeChat four: WeChat public platform, circle of friends, WeChat group, point to point communication.

public platform: show the form: subscription number, service number; advantages: push, automatic reply colorful.

circle of friends: Show: share show, @ friends; advantages: private, clean, non redundant information, passive disturb and convenient emotional marketing (before you most is the brush brush QQ space, say, now a brush circle of friends, become an important application of mobile phone exposure point).

point to point chat: the form of display: instant messaging; advantages: dialogue, the way people communicate.

WeChat group: show form: WeChat group; advantages: industry classification summary, enterprise content communication tools.

WeChat’s operating closed-loop is how to combine these four points, if a single point to do it may not have such a good impact on the operation of WeChat. Give a simple example, WeChat public account subscription number, such as the media every day to send a message, if only 1000 fans, then only 1000 fans can see, but now you have a circle of friends is not the same, you and the 1000 friends, as long as the content is written well, he will share the circle of friends, each of the 1000 friends inside each of at least one hundred or two hundred friends, his base may be 10 thousand or 100 thousand growth. Circle of friends is to forward the contents of the public platform.

public platform has two main functions, one is to push, and the two is an automatic reply, and the circle of friends is to push you or the contents of an automatic reply as a network of a point to the network to spread. That is, in the WeChat public account issued an event to guide users to share a circle of friends, >

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