Who is happy Kaixin001 encountered tough opponents kaixin000

: the happy net: www.kaixin001.com, this domain name is not good, but the arrival of the www.kaixin000.com is very interesting and the latter www.mymbox.cn/login.box is pointing in the same site, Beijing and Shanghai

war triggered at any moment!Due to

happy net for domestic comprehensive SNS site pioneer fire hot, employees of major IT companies are immersed in the slave trade, for this kind of small spaces in the game, a vertical music site SNS turned out to be the first segment of the SNS market’s website, the registration of the domain name "kaixin000" is directly aimed at the "Kaixin001" the owner of happy net, have the seniority posture.


Happy web page screenshot


kaixin000.com points to mymbox

"Whether it is kaixin000,

or Kaixin001 are good, the two is not a good domain name domain name, but if the name of the domain name, the domain name kaixin000" happy "should be the boss, happy net" Kaixin001 "is only the second row". Kaixin000 webmaster small end told reporters.

happy net has measured since May this year, it has been three months, the use of the Internet’s most powerful virus marketing mode, users from zero to about eight hundred thousand now, in a very short time Taylor, known as the SNS community, catfish, the whole SNS market are activated up. Happy network is also known as the most thorough FACEBOOK copy of the site, more than eighty percent of the traffic from the station in the application of the third party plug-ins. Rumors about the happy network, the industry has passed too much, here to see the so-called China’s first music community, kaixin000, is how to do their own vertical music SNS.

Kaixin000 did not directly copy most SNS sites third party component function, music elements but added their flagship website "mymbox", into the music system of their own, if the FACEBOOK provides a skin, Kaixin001 put this piece of leather in his own body, FACEBOOK imitate the look, and I Miao Wei Qiao, that kaixin000 is also a FACEBOOK skin, but not simply imitate the look, also created his own blood, change the structure, have their own flesh and blood.

this situation is like Alibaba’s comprehensive business platform, although it has been a huge success, but vertical industry sites such as China chemical network, clothing network, hardware network, etc.

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