Star push black and white WeChat

Hello, I am happy, and now is still a high-profile topic, but for ordinary people, is still a very strange software, some even do not know from which company do, however, Ma has recently taken a variety of news hype, let people understand them to contact the Internet with what kind of social software, let’s look at how to push his own home, Ma is the product? What can we learn about

promotion highlights?

use internal staff to promote

if you do the products, of course is to make their own company people trying to use in the process of their use, put forward all kinds of problems in the modified one by one investigation, that this software can really face out, this can let their employees to maximize their ability to spread. People in this software, slowly, slowly, the software will be with the crowd spread and expand its influence.

internal data leakage caused by public opinion

used to say, Ma Yun sends the order in the interior, such as the requirements of each employee has one hundred friends outside the station, until the end of may get a red envelope, then lifted from various friends of the message, and divided into several factions in the four corners of the world factory, Ma Yun is the new director of old, old land director. This method is very effective in a short period of time, and with a smaller financial resources to get a larger range of promotion, this time, from the real stand on the opposite of WeChat.

use of true and false celebrities to create popular activity from the

popularity, then what to do? It is fun for your users? So there is a search for true Ma Yun, now full to all kinds of Ma Yun, really don’t know which is true and which is false. Now Ma also claimed to have pulled a number of stars to check in and out, so there is a search for the true and false star activities, which makes WeChat feel worthy of the first time WeChat feel threatened.

uses WeChat’s negative news to enhance its brand

is a popular topic, and the next thing to do is to go to war and competition, how to fight? Please write is nothing more than the Navy, collect information of competitors, a picture of the adding the trimmings, can to write bad bad handwriting, however, with the biggest rival is WeChat, the competitors are not the same, in between before the negative impact of WeChat with unfamiliar street played together, such as YP Pianse of fraud activities, do not believe you Baidu search, there will be a lot of this news, but the traffic is not satisfied, WeChat continued to write "glorious deeds", can how much will blow blow.

uses the blueprint of the future to describe the future of the product

last thing to say is that now the function is not to pay for the payment of this connection, so, someone wrote in 2014 from the overall planning, such as how to beat micro in 2014

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