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A5 (www.admin5.com) station network March 30th news, remember in August last year, Wanda Wanda electricity supplier platform, Baidu and Tencent to jointly invest 5 billion yuan to set up joint? Now quietly on the line, now the site is still in the testing environment, they will not accept the transaction state, the specific operation time to be determined. It is worth noting that the name of the web site by the rumors before Wanhui was renamed "fifast"


fifast net official website information, the electricity supplier who fly by Wanda Group, Baidu Inc and Tencent Inc jointly funded the establishment of the mobile terminal and intelligent technology, re integration of Wanda Group under the line resources, to achieve online business and service integration, to create high-tech intelligent life O2O open the world’s largest electronic business platform.

currently fifast network testing is mainly divided into movies, restaurants, department stores, shopping, family, parks and other sectors, basically inherited the WAN ibusiness business scope. In addition, there are two major financial sector and show. Among them, the financial business is what Wang Jianlin had mentioned in the new Wanda Internet financial services sector, investors can through this platform will idle funds for the purchase of debt, thereby gaining interest returns, the current income of about 5.6%    7%.

and the previous rumor is different, these smart services are not completed by a number of APP, but all integrated in a fly where APP. A one-stop integrated service for users really convenient, but if according to Wang Jianlin "research completed in 2015 15 intelligence products have identified, at the same time to develop in the next 3 years, more technical development goals" plan, such a large APP, we must carefully consider the stability of the product and user experience problems.

according to the agreement, Wanda, Baidu will open account system, membership system, payments and Internet financial products, the establishment of common integration alliances, big data integration, Wifi sharing, product integration, flow and other aspects of the introduction of cooperation. However, the current members of the program is clearly not yet open where the realization of the fly, after opening the page, the user still needs to be registered as a member of the phone number.

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