From the Title Optimization talk how to do the nternet era content marketing

Author: roaming network content dissemination center manager Guo Yumin

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platform of Internet information era of user access to information, how can your product or enterprise information can attract users in the tens of thousands of content in the eye for good communication, become compulsory products, public relations, the editors, a user can be read first in the content at the early stage of construction planning and good vibes interactive triggered demand groups, aiming at the characteristics and content. Today, roaming network content center manager Guo Yumin SEO experts to share the content of the Internet era marketing how to do?

content marketing platform strategy

content marketing platform planning is a good article can not allow users to see the prerequisites. So the spread of the platform is the premise, we are also a netizen, we have access to information on the platform news portal, micro-blog, WeChat communications, industry sites, etc.. But these four platforms are the main channels for us to get information. News media marketing communications we will often see some brands of mobile phones, such as millet, HUAWEI, apple, Samsung, etc.. Millet, for example, many users are through a so-called internal news, exclusive source of news media to pretend inadvertently exposed communication, such as what the new range of products, size, function, highlight etc.. This kind of news from the title of the first is to attract some millet fans, mobile digital potential groups. The other is through micro-blog, WeChat circle of friends, WeChat in the planning of the topic to create some controversial content, causing unintentional spread of Internet users.

micro-blog is more caused by the user’s interaction, and WeChat circle of friends forwarded some of the articles, more is the title of the first attractive, in addition to the contents of the group can also cause the amount of resonance.

as an industry website, such as product categories, in the product name title is need to understand the language of popular Internet users, so that it is possible to let users on demand to search the products through the Internet, the landing page is relatively accurate, have a good help to enhance the conversion rate, of course, only rely on the product eye-catching title is not enough, from product introduction, product characteristics, preferences, content layout and it will affect the user experience and further conversion.

content marketing content Title Optimization

I mentioned above are some communication platform and simple strategy. So how to write the contents of the title I according to past experience summed up the following points for your reference.

1, question type: National Day where to play? Sanya fun? How much money? This kind of title is a lot of users need to think of such needs in the hearts of the first flash of words and questions. We go out looking for a job will first think of the enterprise? The question treatment? Was the title of many industry website or some interactive platform of popular language, this title is more widely used in the medical industry, such as the symptoms of hypertension have? Hypertension can be cured? This is the needs of the user’s behavior. < >

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