Alternative thinking to do education classification information website promotion

this is the two series of Huang Jialang education network marketing, we talk about how to promote the use of classified information website.

talk about the classification of information to promote a lot of education network marketing friends do not expect to be unfamiliar, especially the webmaster, it is classified as the site of the chain of information sites. In fact, there are a lot of skills to play a good classification of information, the most important one is to do with the thinking of SEO classification information website. Why say so? Look at the classification information website promotion status:

(a) open to pay a simple post


is 58 city, fair or people network and other sites are all paid promotion channels, and this is also a lot of educational institutions is love do, each channel must have educational institutions of the figure, but look at the information that hung, a title is not attractive, two to do from the external drainage three, pay here, and not free to promote, not achieve the ultimate effect is obvious. And such paid institutions, more consideration is the brand perspective.

(two) free promotion simple course promotion

See the

information is everywhere around the course, see how your information is out of the ordinary, seemingly not, without the use of some basic functions and no classified information website hidden features are used. A small trick, the classification of the information provided by the website refresh function, this function can be used to the extreme, the following to tell you.

(three) for the chain outside the chain to ignore the user exchange

there are some educational institutions are classified information as the site of the chain channel, and even maintenance is not hard, that is, send a message to increase the chain after leaving. Finally, there is even a real user consultation is not on the back, which is typical only consider one without considering other practices.

I simply wrote the now classified information network promotion in some cases, or do you think not, or are of no great importance, the key is below I give you say how the classified information website to achieve the ultimate, roughly three points with case analysis.

(a) classification information function extreme

1 classification information refresh function, top function etc.. Each classified information website provides free refresh function, for example, 58 city will provide a daily opportunity to refresh too, and the net post and refresh all the money, these do certainly not every day made a post, in addition to refresh the post, have reached two. Here is to quantify the use of multiple accounts to operate, divided into several periods, each time to maintain the best information that is the real skill. Of course, there are a lot of people to refute, can not login at the same time a lot of accounts, you are wrong, the real secret lies in your browser cache, the self to understand it, has been too obvious. This article is the education network marketing expert Huang Jialang created, education network marketing communication 8 groups: 143311349< dead

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