Three trick to fans of WeChat public platform you surge

has a lot of Yicheng platform day thousands of people concerned, I put the daily attention to increase the number of shots sent in their own private WeChat above, many friends will ask in the end is how to do? So today specially to write this article, only three absolute share, you put the three dry cargo, recruit good I believe you, the platform every day thousands of people concerned is normal


first recruit soft promotion

what is the promotion of soft soft Wen promotion is? You posted to the forum, some websites to write an article, then let others read your article, you want to find your platform, then the platform to pay attention to you! You just need to do the promotion, dissemination source, after all people take the initiative to to help you do promotion! The propagation speed is amazing! Yicheng in April this year has written a soft Wen, in the country of all the major portals have emerged, and I did not spend a penny, just put the good source of spread to a forum, immediately formed automatic transmission, I just look at the Baidu snapshot, until today, there are some websites reproduced in this article! The article in the three days I just out of the platform more than more than 5 thousand people, but is still behind Continuous transmission, it is estimated that the current platform to bring my attention to the accumulation of at least 20 thousand people!

said it is not too far, said the latest! In Yicheng yesterday issued an article "ten abilities" become qualified operators need to WeChat, and then only in one of the two Forum (which also has in the A5 Adsense nets two days), this article will be crazy reproduced to a few hundred a web site, and this article which is referred to "micro marketing strategy" the number of public information, so the amount of attention these days than the platform before the direct rise by more than 10 times, this is the effect of the promotion of soft



how to write a good article? Put the soft Wen to what place is better? How to make soft spread automatically? After Yicheng will in the micro marketing platform above and share to


second recruit WeChat platform recommend each other

although WeChat is now forbidden to push each other, but the appropriate recommendation of the public account is still possible, but it is necessary to grasp the scale, otherwise the Tencent misjudgment for mutual push miserable. Recommended public numbers to hide some, do not directly, recommend an account on the line, do not recommend too much. For example, a few days ago in another platform for entrepreneurs my business school recommended micro marketing platform inside the account, I write an article called "golden ideas" and the business in 2014, the article also mentioned that in 2014 to do micro marketing is a business idea, and guide people to pay attention to micro the marketing strategy of this platform is to use a soft way I recommend some public numbers, the effect is very good.


third QQ

a lot of people have heard of QQ promotion, think >

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