Andy Lau’s great charm brings huge search hits

these days, we are most concerned about is in the earthquake. Here, I express my deep sympathy for the affected people, and I have also made an actual donation. In this one, I want to talk about the relationship between earthquake and my site In particular, the earthquake, gossip, celebrity effect of great connection.

at present, the news everywhere, so I have opened a new report of Wenchuan earthquake area. To tell the truth, because the message comes from Sina, Xinhua and other portals, copy over the weight and included are not ideal, even if it is for the title of what title. However, it should be noted that the earthquake, we are still in the gossip, in life, in entertainment, in the attention of celebrities. For those sites are not as normal news coverage of the content, for the original content of the original concern. The click is amazing!

according to my statistics, my earthquake area GG every day in the spider crawling, but included about 100 articles, there is a search for the source of access to an exaggerated point. This is through the "Andy Lau earthquake donation 50 million", "50 million Andy Lau", "Andy Lau earthquake donations", even the location of the number of donations brought to my website an "important!! Andy Lau quietly donated 50 million to the red cross!!!". Content linking Tid=2553& extra=page%3D3

through the background can be seen every day the number of posts to search more than 800 less than 48 hours to click more than 1400! This number is not small in my website daily 2000-3000ip. Of course, I hope you will be able to report more important and meaningful news. This is also my area has been doing. Do not empty, copying, to be more original, timely and exclusive.

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