A failure 6 years of entrepreneurial experience 1 million bought

venture more than a year, and partners spent more than one million investment, physical and mental fatigue. The product has been, but the company is almost run out, although I don’t want to give up, but the financing is indeed very difficult, regardless of whether or not to continue, but the venture failed.

so, I learned to share it, as Lev · Tolstoy said: "happy families are all alike; each unhappy family is unhappy, hope to inspire peers.

don’t know which one expert said, there are two kinds of business people: one is to realize their own ideas and entrepreneurship, some people is to start a business venture, I think I am very unfortunate, should belong to the latter. Since graduating in 7, 8 years, in a big company to stay a long time slowly feel the loss of passion, do 3, 4 years of technology on the market slowly lose their sense of smell, and even blind the mind a shot came up with ideas and partners (hit it off thanks to the trust of partners), so, starting from the first point is basically a tragedy: the lack of real judgment on the market, from the beginning is in a very difficult way to go.

summed up the experience of entrepreneurship this year, I think the following points are very important:

1, capital


capital in the start-up stage after all, is the money. How much does it cost? How long does it take? How long does it take to have a minimum estimate and allocation?. How long will you be able to make a profit? You should have a minimum estimate. If you don’t make a profit for nearly half a year or a year, then there is a risk. If it is not a profitable project, then the money spent in the first few months, it is necessary to start looking for someone to invest. A money, basically what is good, good products, lean, and did not find the disk access right, over.

because I and partner (investors) division is different, I am responsible for product, technology and operation, so little concern about the money, but in the busy partner by another company, so we lack of money to spend, how long how to spend money, no money how to do the problems of planning and calculation, communication up to now, this feeling too terrible, usually buried in the product, when no money, fear God, but this is the time to change, already very late.

2, strategy


strategy sounds very true, but as the founder, or at the helm of the company, to keep the first strategy to think about every day, from the initial plan before the company began to be founded, profit model, product development, market demand, and when profitable etc. there is a general plan, at least several milestone. In the course of the progress may be adjusted, but at least to do. Strategic planning and capital planning

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