Grassroots Adsense in A5 mix turn off the site can earn 5000


do stand too hard, all 3 years of career, although it is a part-time job, but also work in their own station. Over the past 3 years, I have done a lot of websites, local forums, gaming stations, industry stations – almost all killed. An old friend (and master) summed up the reasons for the failure of my friend: 1, the execution is not enough; 2, single-handed, weak.

yes, I am fully aware of my lack of execution, and lack of technology. The poor knowledge of SEO, plus zero base construction technology, let me make a long-term said of an aged person. And all this doom, at the end of the 2011 New year. I know you will ask, since 3 years are not to earn money, how can you make money in a short time?! we ask is, but the fact is to make money, if not experienced, I did not write the article. Cut the crap, talk about my experience.

first, think about it, where the money gone? Who earned away?

2010 the twelfth lunar month 28 days, I returned home, the Internet can not read books in bed all day. Look tired, think of the old friends to speak a few words makes me a bit sad words, I think, I have 3 year old webmaster, FTP, SEO, moving, website promotion, website maintenance and so on, what I know, should not make any money. The more I think the more sad, began to recall the past few years to do stand spend money, there are two thousand or three thousand. Of course, this money with my precious time of 3 years, it is difficult to compare. The first pen to spend money to buy a domain name, space (ASP), spent a total of 160 yuan, was distressed dead. Later, the first station did not do, and bought a second domain + space (PHP). This is not the end, because do not understand the technology, but also to buy a game station source code, is the DedeCMS kernel, comes with 20 thousand data, do a good job of automatic acquisition of pseudo original. Then find someone quick filing, spent hundreds. At this point, the host domain name + + source + record, spent nearly a thousand dollars, can be described as everything is ready, only the wind. Later, things are not as smooth as imagined, a lot of data, but are collected, Baidu is not included, not to mention what keywords ranking. Then made a station, but it is enough to say. I come to give you an analysis, where the money, the money was earned.

I spend the money, the total can be divided into these categories: 1, domain + space costs; 2, fast filing; 3, the purchase of source code. Our analysis: the domain name + space costs is not small, this piece of the money was made by the domain name + space. Of course, this money is essential. Second dollars, fast filing costs, this piece of my experience in the past 3 years, we recommend that you do not spend money, not how much money, but spent the money may bring you great trouble. Fast record, although the solution as pressing danger but maybe one day, the record number was canceled, but also to help you record the record, he also found people ignore you, all have to re record, will be more Ma >

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