The world’s twenty five super heavyweight Pinyin domain is wasted

1 NetEase of NetEase can be called China news portal, should occupy a space for one person in the five stations in China,, although short and easy to remember, but I think a large portal with a total digital domain is not enough sense of atmosphere. But the Chinese NetEase face basically, I want to use the Pinyin can more easily accept it now turns to the domain this site [Guangzhou – Guangzhou people’s homes on the Internet. Feeling pity.

do not understand, NetEase did not have the money to buy it, you know, NetEase is one of the most profitable companies in China.

2 Baidu

Baidu has embarrassed when his domain name now refers to a company called Yimide website, seems to be selling seal. That Baidu Inc also find a domain owner, but their price is too high, do not agree. Also heard a few months ago, the main domain will also auction don’t know Baidu, after hearing the news, what do you think? I think the other party will not be asking for more than one hundred million, I think a Baidu Inc or can take out the


3 Sina

Internet rumors of sina’s domain name "Sina" is the word "China" pronunciation in Japanese, should not use this with an obvious insult color name, suggested cancel the "Sina" domain name. With the above NetEase like Sina, why not use the domain name…

4 Phoenix original domain name even hard to remember, but at least the meaning clear, is a combination of two English words hard to remember, there are ways to check the dictionary. Now the domain name, is unknown. I look, this has nothing to do with Phoenix, long does not mean that hard to remember, no contact is difficult to remember.

I can guess why Phoenix chose this new domain name. The letter "I" means "I", Internet, in Chinese and "love" a word, and Feng can be said to Phoenix, together with "my Phoenix", "Phoenix Online", "love Phoenix" meaning. What a good domain name.

analysis but not sensible alternative emotion perception, the domain name is to make people feel a bit not neither fish nor fowl, pure. Phoenix so rich, why not dig out the point to buy is.

5, Sohu


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