29 hours accounted for 9 million 600 thousand The way and technique of the circle of friends 1

at the end of 12, since the media (personal brand) circles appeared a climax, Luo Zhenyu’s "logical thinking" the second batch of 20 thousand fans full membership recruitment, Ronaldo 24 hours accounted for 8 million, and three months ago 5 hours accounted for 1 million 600 thousand, a total of 9 million 600 thousand yuan to sell! And monthly sales of 550 thousand Arabic soil egg. These two cases are around the individual or even the accumulation of personal success.

circle of friends should be how to do marketing circle of friends personal brand accumulation and sale of products are complementary, others trust you to buy your product, others buy your product and then more trust you.

a, road

the "Dao" in marketing is that you used to control their marketing behavior thinking system, when you improve the marketing system of thinking, all marketing behavior you are made under the global thinking you are conducive to brand communication is the core of the layout, road: "/p>

1 personal value communication;

2 personal attraction;

3 personal value exchange.

into enterprise brand.

corporate brand is a group from the shape, he was born a variety of brand culture at random places, so people’s recognition of the brand needs a certain process. While individual, individual is born, your experiences, preferences, experience, personality, charm can not be imitated, and as long as you live in the crowd, you are influential, many of my friends do not know to dig out their own influence, the only being affected. The most important thing is that individual brands can be accumulated, that is, as long as you continue to spread the value of your influence will continue to increase. The core of personal value communication lies in:

1 spread value life;

2 spread value circle;

Dry cargo

3 communication value.

that means you have to spread things to help friends around:

1 your life makes friends yearning, attention;

2 your circle of friends eager to join, get connections and the power of progress

3 of your

friends to help dry cargo, such as money, friends can help to help a friend to see friends, constellation right idea (opinion leaders), to help a friend long knowledge.

think carefully, you pay more attention to the friend is not most of you think they had a very good, what do you think of his many friends, do you think he can always have new thinking and new share trigger yourself? This influence is their natural distribution. Ps: watch out, except for beauty, beauty is worth it. So there is a personal brand beauty is the first mover advantage oh ~

carefully look at yourself or friends of friends or space to talk about, is not all clueless? As a chaos fist thumped. "

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