Why can’t you save your product

is now a personalized era, this era will continue to personalize


now almost all of the products are doing one thing: in order to improve the user’s click rate, live, through the analysis of user behavior, draw the user portrait, and then push personalized content for the user.

in the electricity supplier industry, the use of personalized algorithm is the most successful Taobao.



mobile phone can calculate your shopping preferences according to every time you visit, or through different channels in different ways, you may love the recommended goods and shops, push relevant content or activity for you. The content of the page will change once you click once. This precise calculation and recommended mode for hand Amoy brings a higher user activity and conversion rate.

so, we want to successfully hand Amoy personalized as a reference, I hope our products more personalized, it can accurately hit the user’s demands, then made a new version of the application of personalized home page algorithm.

, however, although the amount of increase, but the effect is not obvious.

after the reflection, we have a clear difference between hand and hand in these four areas:

1, hand Amoy goods, our goods less


hand Amoy goods quantity category large, each category has more large businesses to provide mass merchandise. And some products are not so rich in content, travel, businesses to provide services and not so much, but goods tickets hotel Tour free, line back and forth is Queensland Dali, South Korea Southeast asia. So in terms of the number of goods, hand Amoy, we less.

2, hand wash commodity differences, our commodity differences small


The greater the difference of

products, the greater the value of the personalized algorithm. Different users will like different kinds of goods, and there are obvious differences. Like people who usually buy parda, killed and will not buy zara. In addition, there is a positive correlation between the quantity and the quantity of the goods, and the larger the quantity, the greater the difference will be.

3, large amount of hand Amoy users, our users less


The more the number of

users, the more personalized algorithm. Generally speaking, the more users, the more users demand, the more abundant species. When the demand is too many people can not meet, the advantage of the machine is obvious. And if the user’s demand is not so much, the value of the individual will be weakened.

4, hand washing user differences, we

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