Attitude brand day one hundred million times a day product attitude accurate marketing

today, to achieve accurate, big data marketing more and more brand choice, and when the cold data encounter changing host, advertisers how to better insight into user attitude? Brand is for many years cultivating brand resonates with consumers and NetEase, in 2016 the answer.


attitude is the starting point of marketing

2014, NetEase attitude marketing came out, trying to put the user’s emotional insight and understanding, and fully applied to the brand marketing, so that the brand and the user, with emotion as a link to deepen understanding and resonance. In 2015, in order to make the attitude marketing more fully landing, NetEase innovation put forward " attitude label " system. " attitude tag " from the whole network text, real-time grab and refine the attitude of hot words, in order to reflect the current most popular attitude of Internet users. According to the refined attitude label, NetEase " " attitude; combined with the main advertising, in its own product matrix, according to the characteristics of the product and the use of user scenarios, for advertisers to design personalized " " attitude; advertising form, perfect realization based on " " attitude precision marketing.


brand attitude day, an attitude, a variety of touch up

at present, the NetEase news client, cloud music NetEase, NetEase mailbox masters, users have billions of dollars, NetEase mobile product matrix to three super APP as the core, but also includes the koala sea purchase, easecredit, Netease Open Class, Lofter models such as the number of star products, covering information, electricity, music, reading, Im the scenes of life, can meet various needs of the segmentation height of Internet users.

In order to make

" attitude tag " in a hotbed of NetEase mobile product matrix, to maximize the effect of breeding, in 2016, the NetEase heavy build on " " brand attitude; brand, in the same day, the NetEase core products will be fully on-line advertisers customized marketing advertising, super mobile matrix, including back more than a dozen star products with " attitude tag " and its precision advertising system two marketing, NetEase " " brand attitude; in the maximum exposure at the same time, help the brand depth watch users heart.

On the basis of

brand advertisers own temperament, NetEase will be from the moment the fire " attitude; hot words " and find the most matching for the brand attitude, after the mobile product matrix, according to the characteristics of each product, respectively, to create personalized marketing, finally connecting with the same " " attitude; quality the crowd, truly from the platform to the scene of the " a variety of attitude, reach ". >

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