Micro blog marketing how to make good use of micro blog’s popular search

before Chen Nian wrote an article "when the social network platform in SEO", we can see that micro-blog is a relatively hot social networking platform at present, though not before the hot, but the absolute level of the current popular premier, today to share an idea, is how to use micro-blog inside the search function to achieve micro-blog marketing, ADO, we started.

a, making popular micro-blog

we can make popular micro-blog, which occupy the first place in micro-blog search. In this way you will greatly enhance the micro-blog show, we will sell specialty, for example:

first, similar to SEO keyword mining (related search), micro-blog keyword search also has.


when you search on micro-blog, there are two kinds of sorting methods: one is hot is a real time. But whether it is real or hot, the real-time heat effect of the door should be bad? Is the default in real time, however must be ranked first in the popular micro-blog

so, we just need to make a hot micro-blog.

said the popular micro-blog has several conditions:

first: must be original. Forward must not become a popular micro-blog

second: since it’s called micro-blog. What is the hottest? There is definitely a forwarding and comment is popular micro-blog

third: to pay attention to forward and comment is to be effective, such as your own forwarding comments is not.


fourth with ## labelled conducive to become popular micro-blog

fifth: popular micro-blog is a time effect.

sixth: sometimes, even more than a popular micro-blog

next is the design of the content of micro-blog to the Northeast specialty as an example.

first, # Northeast specialty # can then be introduced one of the Northeast specialty, such as Hericium

Hericium four dishes (Hericium, paws, sea cucumber and shark’s fin) of. The "bird’s nest seafood delicacies Hericium," said. This fungus hydnaceae, a hairy like burns long umbrella surface, about 1 ~ 3 cm, fruiting round it and thick, fresh white, dry from light yellow to light brown, etc., copy design at all, then can give more links to the Northeast specialty stamp with * * * * * * * final with pictures, so that the content is designed.

below is to prepare for the popular micro-blog.

every keyword popular micro-blog forward comment requirements are not the same as

first, we need to search the key words to see the popular micro-blog forward and comment



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