Chengdu buy site into winter 13% September is not a normal visit




practitioners Li Fei (a pseudonym), group purchase group purchase group purchase made network, network navigation, maximum monthly income of forty thousand or fifty thousand, had more than and 10 monthly salary of four thousand or five thousand employees, but with the arrival of winter group purchase everything, just passed. Li Fei, now very sad day, leaving him and a friend are still struggling to support, they are currently considering a career change.


sample: from having more than and 10 employees to only have two shots

graduates do a year to buy boss

25 year old Li Fei graduated from a university in Chengdu in 2009, specializing in e-commerce. At the beginning of last year, he and 4 friends decided to start a business together to buy the tide, because they think the threshold is low, less investment, easy to operate.

some people raise 5000 dollars to buy the domain name server and download the group purchase website, code and procedures, although do not have ICP certificate, also not registered in the business sector, but Li Fei’s group purchase website or dry up. "There are still some profits, but also recruited more than and 10 people to do sales, sales staff can get a high salary of four thousand or five thousand."

the second half of last year, a Beijing group purchase website on Li Fei’s website, want to become a sub station, and to more than one million investment. However, funding is not in place, the site is almost broken capital chain, the staff ran away, it will settle a matter by leaving it unsettled.

Chengdu group purchase more and more websites, many famous websites have also entered the Chengdu group purchase station, Li Fei felt more support does not go, in February this year, the group purchase business stopped.

from buy to buy navigation

stopped before the group purchase business, Li Fei found new opportunities: consumers tend to open a number of group purchase website "order three", time-consuming, why not put the group purchase information together? So, at the end of last year, he began to do group purchase site navigation, plus a number of auxiliary functions, group purchase group purchase comment map etc..

to January 2011, less than 2 months, the site to achieve a profit, members of the more than 40 thousand. Li Fei told reporters, especially in March and April this year, it can be used to describe the madness, their advertising is often looting, forty thousand or fifty thousand a month this income.

but with less capital investment industry good times don’t last long, and Li Fei felt sad day. "From the beginning of June, every month advertising customers to reduce several, especially after October, customers have been falling, the outbreak of decay. At the same time, the partners also scattered, leaving two people in support."

Li Fei said, now in addition to maintain the operation of the site, consider more is how to change as soon as possible.


data: 13% groups

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