Ma Yun melee made search by traffic to grab share of doubt

to launch its own search from Sogou divestments, Ali love alone did not miss this melee domestic search, the search has been on the road to dream of Ma Yun.

recently, has been low-key development of 4 years of Ali cloud search surfaced. Alibaba, said Ali cloud search and Chinese YAHOO search is the same set of search services, by the independent development of the team Ali cloud.

, another insider told the "First Financial Daily reporters, Ali cloud search from the project on the positioning of the whole network search for the entire Internet content, which is different from Ali’s another by a scouring development, positioning in the Amoy net electricity supplier search content.

at present, the domestic Internet giant is plunged into search melee. 360 to dig channels, build channels tactics taken away from Baidu’s market share of 10%, ranking the domestic search market share of second. In order to control its power, Baidu, Tencent gezonglianheng, strengthening security through mutual investment Jinshan, to copy the 360 housekeeping safety service door. In addition, Baidu, Tencent also tried to invest Sogou to contain 360.

is staying at this time, Ali cloud search out, can become the 360 Baidu Tencent, outflanking the power of unity, and the domestic search market to bring what changes?

search dream

has not only Zhou Hongyi search dreams, as well as ma.

from 4 years ago to invest in research and development project, from the launch of Sogou; for the whole network business search Amoy to divestment, Sogou launched its own web search, Ali cloud search, chairman of the board Ma that Alibaba attaches great importance to the search strategy.

had to buy Yahoo China is to search, sing, Cool News Network founder Chen Hua said in an interview with this reporter. Chen Hua’s departure from the cruel dispatch at the end of 2008, in 2009 after the Spring Festival to join Alibaba, responsible for the project is now launched Ali cloud search.

Chen Hua believes that Ma has a search dream, had to buy Yahoo China is to search, but later found that the acquisition of Yahoo China did not allow Ali buy YAHOO’s core search technology, and through the organization of the team to do its own search.

August 2005, YAHOO spent $1 billion acquisition of 35% stake in the Alibaba, the Alibaba in the $1 billion, will also have all the assets of Yahoo China, which is regarded as the industry’s core assets search technical team, 3721, a network real name also included the Ma Yun control. Among them, 3721 and a network real name for Zhou Hongyi in Yahoo China during blood products.

in order to secure the extradition Yahoo China search assets, when Ma hired Zhou Hongyi control Yahoo China during China the former general manager of YAHOO Tian Jian for Yahoo China executive general manager, hoping to stabilize the original core team and customers.

in fact, from then on Ali to ya

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