6 facts about China’s nternet and the 6 important conclusions

people’s daily client Wang Kan Feng Huiwen

Second World Internet Conference will be held from December 16th to 18 in Zhejiang, Wuzhen, President Xi Jinping will attend the meeting and delivered a keynote speech.

compared to the world’s first Internet Conference held last year, the general assembly, both from the specification or scale will be higher, there will be 8 foreign leaders and more than 2000 World Internet elite participants. The meeting set up 10 topics of the forum, the light of the Internet Expo will showcase the achievements of China’s Internet development in the past 20 years, the Internet’s most cutting-edge products and applications will be unveiled.

conference will come tomorrow, do you know the extent of the development of China’s Internet it?

China Internet development to what extent? Look at these 6 facts

1, the number of Internet users has reached 668 million, more than the total population of the EU

the number of Chinese Internet users as early as 2008, the world’s first, is still growing. As of June 2015, China’s Internet users reached 668 million people, more than the total population of the eu.


2, "double 11" transactions amounted to 91 billion 200 million yuan, far more than the United States "black five"

e-commerce has changed the lives of the vast majority of Chinese people, the annual online shopping innovation. This year, only Tmall double eleven a day on the transaction amount of 91 billion 200 million yuan, while the United States, black, the same day sales of online shopping is equivalent to only $17 billion 400 million, for Tmall’s $19%.


3, the Internet economy accounted for 7% of GDP, the total market value of the stock market over Chinese 1/4

Internet industry contribution to China’s economy is not small. During 12th Five-Year, the Internet economy in China accounted for GDP continued to rise, reaching 7% in 2014, accounting for more than the United states. The total market capitalization of Internet companies also exceeded the Chinese stock market 1/4.


4, Global Internet Company market capitalization of the top 10, China accounted for a total of 4 seats

Chinese Internet companies by leaps and bounds, into the forefront of the world: Global Internet Company 10, Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, Jingdong, China’s finalists.


5, these killer domestic Internet applications have swept the world

China’s Internet products and brands are not only well-known in the country, but also in the world. Alipay into the world’s largest mobile payment company in early 2013, WeChat global monthly active accounts reached 6.>

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