A5 launch server configuration debugging and security training

training content: server configuration and security

training: 50 people (in accordance with the order of registration, full of people)

registration consulting: QQ:279788377 QQ group: 87543363 (for the course notice)

start time: in accordance with the Enrollment Decision start time

Lecturer: Ryoko has rich experience and server maintenance experience in

server security

lecture mode: Sina UC voice + video tutorial (after-school tutoring)

standard fee: RMB 100 per person fee (100 yuan learning content (fee) address: www.admin5.com/b


lecture content reference (according to the needs of students at any time to adjust the content):

this course has five cycles, each course for a week (a total of 35 days)

during the period of teaching in order to put back the teaching idea, each course first teach you to build a variety of server set up,

After the

build to repair vulnerabilities and security settings and debugging, it is easier to get started, learn faster,

After the

server environment collocation finished, learning how to prevent Trojan horse, the features and how to clean up the horse.

by the end of this period you can do a good job of the server administrator.


IIS: safety training (phase I)

1: install test on Basic test

2: build a variety of environments

3:IIS security.

4:IIS asp.net PHP security together (Advanced)

MSSQL use: (second)

1: installation, commissioning and basic security.

2: the removal of components of the overall understanding of MSSQL security

3: backup restore MSSQL2000 mssql2005

MySQL use: (third)

1: installation and commissioning and basic security

2:mysql security. Account security. Data security.

Installation and debugging of

3:mysql+php+phpmyadmin. To configure。 And security.

4:apache+php+mysql installation configuration security

JSP program to build and set (fourth)



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