Prohibit individuals registered CN domain contrary to international practice

      recently it seems that we are concerned about "prohibit individuals registered CN domain name" this topic, the author at the China University of Political Science and Law Professor, doctoral tutor, China University of Political Science and Law Intellectual Property Research Center Director Zhang Chu teacher’s blog, see the published "Zhang Chu:" prohibit individuals registered CN domain belongs to the "legal" misreading bowen.

      Zhang has from the legal level in our country is explained to you prohibit individuals registered CN domain name, I will complain, said that under the situation of other countries.

      first,.Com. and other generic top-level domains allow individual registration. This is supposed to be known.

      second, as a top-level domain name with the national top-level domain name, most countries are also allowed to register. The United States, Britain, Germany and other countries as well as the development of the Internet domain name, in the national top-level domain name registration is completely open policy. In Germany, for example, as long as you have a contact address in Germany can be registered at the top of the country.

      through the above analysis, we can draw a conclusion that allows individuals to register and use the domain name, including generic top-level domain name and top-level domain name, the international convention which belongs to the field of Internet domain name management. Therefore, we can say that the rapid development of the Internet in China today, if the prohibition of personal registration CN domain name, then, this provision is contrary to international practice.

      most people have repeatedly proposed to prohibit individuals registered CN domain name, one of which is because of the lack of understanding of the legal system of China’s domain name. Second, it is the implementation of the CNNIC2002 China Internet Network Information Center Registration Rules for the public caused a misunderstanding".

      of course, in order to completely solve the "prohibit individuals registered CN domain name" the status quo of misreading, misunderstanding, revision does need to CNNIC "the times" with "Chinese Internet domain name management approach" to even the existence of conflict of law rules and regulations.

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