nterpretation of WeChat policy adjustments Tencent is to let go or control

[editor’s note] WeChat seems to have been not a simple social communication tool, and become a mature open ecosystem. According to the strategy adjustment of the recent WeChat, WeChat third party service providers micro CEO Alfred to billion state power network analysis of WeChat mobile ecosystem at present and future development direction. What exactly is WeChat want to tube, which is it does not want to manage it?

Tencent investment bank thinking to open an open platform

Alfred analysis, Tencent has slowly changed from product thinking to investment banking thinking. The so-called product ideas, that is, the acquisition of the company’s absolute control, and then control the acquisition of the company’s products. In the past in order to be able to make the best product experience, Tencent do anything. Finally found that some things are not good at Tencent, not with the flow must be able to do a good job.

so Tencent gradually change strategy, in mergers and acquisitions, will choose the best platform for a particular industry partners, WeChat and mobile phone QQ through these two cross platform platform applications, the integration of industrial chain. When partners do better, Tencent can enjoy the results of sharing.


Tencent’s recent acquisition trend

and with the continuous deepening of the mobile Internet, Tencent is also gradually seen in some areas of the broader ecosystem space. These areas include: e-commerce, O2O services, Internet banking, online education, health care and other vertical areas. For these Tencent are not familiar with the need to operate under the appropriate line of the field, Tencent will use open platform strategy.

Alfred to the billion state power network that, in the open platform strategy of the Tencent, there are two kinds of completely different mode. A vertical industry platform system. Tencent choose the best platform partner in a particular industry. They have accumulated a lot of experience in the industry and built a strong ecosystem. Such partners include didi taxi, public comment, Jingdong, etc..

is another industry specific online ecosystem. Tencent will provide an online ecosystem for a specific industry based on a specific infrastructure system. Industry participants in the platform as long as added to the Tencent to provide the corresponding service can be carried out, can be used directly to Tencent social networking platform, payment system, wide point through advertising network. We can see that the WeChat public platform is clearly the second models of Tencent open platform strategy, and has gradually formed.

"not managed" mobile ecosystem shaping spawned a huge industrial chain

Alfred just mentioned in the open platform strategy in the latter ecosystem, WeChat’s role is a connection, you can build a good business, institutions, and the bridge between the user.

so there is a class of merchants, he just want to own their own

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