The name of the dispute and the excellence and Dangdang consumer related

      just in the Amazon CEO Jack · Bezos is about to come to China, the best network of the biggest competitors in a timely manner to the rival mercilessly stabbed a knife. For their own excellence is the world’s largest online bookstore in China, the statement, Dangdang issued a statement yesterday, please stop posting outstanding network".


      of course, these statements are right or wrong, we are not good conclusions. But both in order to one who is the world’s largest online bookstore in China to argue, the number of public relations or some of the stronger.


      Dangdang’s statement said that the practice of excellence misled consumers, suppliers, the media and the public, the public relations is too strong. What is the purpose of consumers to go shopping or to buy books? Buy the most valuable book at the cheapest price. Who cares who you are the world’s largest online bookstore. Consumers do not have the mind to think about this problem. Do I have to allow consumers to buy a book in the first online bookstore, happy to say that this book is from the world’s first Chinese online bookstore to buy. Consumers can do or go to the word of mouth propaganda I this book is Dangdang or excellent network to buy.
 performance is not good, the rumors said the headquarters under the pressure of facing business restructuring, plus partners fall apart, as a competitor, doubly also really is a very good competitive strategy. So from this point of view, this statement is a very targeted public opinion public relations, plus a little hype


      then the topic name. When you use Google to search Dangdang, sponsors link advertising which is Dangdang and excellent network. Dangdang’s advertising links to book based, while the introduction of excellence in the book is only a book mentioned in the business. Perhaps the arrival of the Amazon CEO can be brought back to the main track books industry.


      first name, itself is nothing. How to allow users to patronize, a lot of the purchase of goods is to be practical to do. More cost-effective products, more efficient logistics services, more secure channels of payment, or how to make the user’s shopping experience more humane, far more than a world first.

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