The grand launch of navigation website frere exchange officially reached the group purchase market

news April 6th, Shanda launched a low-key group purchase website navigation group cooperation and exchange, handle, whisper group, the U.S. group, glutinous rice and other group purchase website, this is following the last month Ge Binbin injection of royal network technology, the grand layout business is another important step.

it is understood that the frere exchange has yet to enter the large-scale promotion stage, has covered nearly 100 large and medium-sized city, mainly catering services, entertainment and leisure life, delicacy and several other categories, users can share information related to Sina group purchase micro-blog, QQ space, and happy net etc..

currently handles, the U.S. group, whisper group, rice, full, F group, 24 group purchase coupons and other mainstream sites have been settled, with more than 8000 items.

analysts said, Shanda has an open platform experience and a huge amount of users, buy the site is not the focus of its layout of the electricity supplier business, is only another way to achieve flow.

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