Stationmaster net daily broadcast Celestica fund counter attack old gangster phpwind or to stop the

1 Tencent CAITONG on-line account for a single day limit deposit of 8000 yuan does not exceed one million

NetEase Francisco January 16th news, yesterday evening, Tencent WeChat edition balance treasure CAITONG beta quietly on the line, the 7 day annualized yield of 6.4350%, demand deposits equivalent to more than 16 times, in the stage of trial operation in daily limit to less than 8000 yuan.

2.360 will work with Disney or involve capital level

January 15th evening news, according to 360 internal sources, the 360 will be announced in the near future cooperation with Disney, the specific form has not yet been known, may involve capital level. The source said that the core of this cooperation is the hands of Disney’s IP, but the 360 will not self research hand travel products.


IP value is to provide the background story, into a sense of innate and sustainable life cycle for the game. In the second half of 2013, the entire game market research weakness to promote the major game companies have turned their attention to quality IP. The grand main Japan and South Korea market IP, perfect with its North American studio advantage, the original and the purchase of some European property IP, Tencent is introduced, with excellent IP IP IP joint venture development, build its own three ways to maximize their own interests IP.

360 choose to cooperate with Disney, but also aimed at the latter’s quality IP, so that the transition to the hands of the 360 IP authorized party. Into, the IP can be authorized to jointly develop CP; retreat, you can use IP to drive its hand travel distribution business.

is currently 360, the official did not comment on the matter.

3 Celestica fund counter attack attack old heavyweights China WeChat new battlefield

this story is more and more Cold War spy, together staged." And money paid through cooperation of a fund company who said. For a short time before, she has been very relaxed answer "four along the line, but there is a reversal of the plot.

"First Financial Daily" the reporter was informed that in January 15th, WeChat version of balance treasure, CAITONG formally received regulatory approval, and officially launched on the same day at about 21:40. After the user clicks on WeChat, my bank card, you can find financial links column. However, so that the industry is surprised that the original plan to unify the four fund companies on the line has become a Chinese fund exclusive first line.

a more dramatic scene, when the Huaxia Fund exclusive on-line news spread when raise a Babel of criticism of Celestica fund, suddenly announced that as of January 15, 2014, the scale of the balance of treasure has more than 250 billion yuan. Huaxia Fund in 2013 at the end of 244 billion 715 million yuan asset management scale, Celestica is likely to have exceeded China fund, becoming the industry’s first.

4 insiders broke the news: famous forum program phpwind will stop updating

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