SARFT halt illegal network TV network at the end of the introduction of new regulations

for the PPLive, the music network, which extends to the television field of private video sites, SARFT media agency management division will introduce a new Internet TV regulations will be fatal." Radio and television industry experts, the editor in chief of the integration network November 2nd Wu Chunyong told reporters.

recently, SARFT to various provinces and cities radio and Television Bureau issued an internal circular, PPLive because of illegal Internet video content is a verbal warning, the bypass of SARFT video content to provide illegal Internet TV set-top box, if not in accordance with the relevant provisions of the comprehensive rectification, will face the "two sins" punishment consequences. Even may revoke its "information network dissemination of audio-visual programs permit".

previously, LETV cooperation with Hisense smart TV box has been halted.

The new regulations in

August 14, 2009, SARFT issued "on the strengthening of the TV receiving notice" issues related to Internet audio-visual program service management terminal after the thunder, PPLive and other video sites was forced to stop with TCL, Konka TV manufacturers cooperation. Over the past two years, the Ministry of industry, Chinese Video Industry Association several times to communicate with the SARFT have failed, CNTV, blockbuster, Hangzhou, China Southern media, Hunan broadcasting and Chinese international radio 6 radio direct content integrator has become the main provider of Internet TV content.

in 2011 with the launch of smart TV, some video sites are trying to circumvent the regulation of the smart TV as a barrier to the SARFT, and PPLive is not familiar with the set-top box and DVD vendors.

according to reports, the implantation of PPLive video services market in particular, Kim Yun, di beautiful lapdisc, open bor, Grenada, billion TV set-top box products in public sale. Reporters from the Shenzhen Di beautiful special official website to understand, the company’s annual HD network player sales reached 30 million yuan (of which the domestic shipments reached 20 million yuan, in the hundreds of thousands of Taiwan).

reporter learned that the Internet TV plus the annual shipments of the box is currently only a few million units, while the underground shipments are not less than this figure. SARFT structure management department official pointed out that "these do not get Internet TV license video website belongs to the typical practice violations, has affected the normal market order of Internet TV, the time must be standardized."

According to reports, SARFT media agency management division from the second half of 2010 began brewing the introduction of new regulatory policies, but the process is very difficult

. The person said: "now, from hardware to regulation is not too easy, on the one hand, TV manufacturers basically and licensed manufacturers of cooperation, on the other hand, we can not let the TV box manufacturers or sellers, because they have adopted the system of openness, some even can connect to the internet."


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