Zuckerberg visit WAL MART executives look forward to more in depth cooperation with WAL MART

Beijing on July 20th news, according to Reuters, Facebook CEO Mark – Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) and the executive team will visit Arkansas this week in Bentonville, WAL-MART office, meeting with the world’s largest retailer executives, how to deepen bilateral friendship and common development are also discussed in detail.

on Friday, the Facebook team and WAL-MART CEO Mike Duke (Mike Duke) and its assistant meetings; Saturday, Zuckerberg and Facebook chief operating officer Cheryl – Sandberg (Sheryl Sandberg) will be on WAL-MART’s monthly meeting with hundreds of WAL-MART employees in communication.

for the matter, both representatives refused to disclose the specific itinerary and arrangements.

July 26th, Facebook will release its second quarter financial report, it is foreseeable that most of its revenue comes from advertising business. Many investors and analysts said that if the company into the online retail market, the transaction in its social network of goods received a certain amount of commission, which will become a new source of revenue.

in a statement, Facebook said he was looking forward to have further cooperation with WAL-MART, we can learn from the retailer, learn it build a strong and lasting, the value of the time-honored retail industry chain experience and the advantages of the management team.

WAL-MART registered in the Facebook page, get about 17000000 fans attention. At the same time, WAL-MART is also doing some paid advertising on Facebook to promote. As consumers buy more computers, tablets and smart phone devices, expanding network visibility is critical for WAL-MART. The company said in a statement: "we attach great importance to the strategic partnership with Facebook. Its help in testing new products and new technologies, timely communication to consumers is invaluable".

Sandberg previously visited WAL-MART, which is different from the past, Zuckerberg will lead the entire management together to WAL-MART, including Facebook’s Chief Financial Officer David Abbo Hirshman (David Ebersman).

WAL-MART CEO, in addition to Duke, the American company WAL-MART CEO Bill – Simon (Bill Simon), WAL-MART international company CEO Dong Minglun (Doug McMillon), Sam Rosalind (Breuer Rosalind CEO club Brewer Duke) and other members of the leadership team will attend the meeting

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