Xie Wen Zuckerberg’s law the big data Era

less than a year ago, Facebook founder Zuckerberg announced at the Web2.0 summit, according to Facebook statistics, social sharing information to grow exponentially, the amount of information sharing today more than two years ago, an increase of two times, from now after a year, the total information sharing will double the user generated. Zuckerberg’s law of social sharing can be expressed in a formula: Y = C × 2x. Among them, X on behalf of time, Y on behalf of the user’s information sharing, C represents the current moment of sharing information. If this formula is established, then 20 years later, a user’s information sharing will be more than one million times today, that is, the 20 of the 2 party.

small bar introduced this law is a summary of the changes in the amount of data generated by the WEB2.0 era of network user behavior changes, which, of course, also contains commercial purposes and the imitation of the information industry predecessors. If the law is established, then the future limitless FACEBOOK. Even according to the company’s current traffic advertising business model based on the simple FACEBOOK, the annual income can rise, world without end. If the existing business model to be improved and optimized, and then continue to introduce new revenue, the company’s future revenue growth will continue to maintain high growth for the long term. Small bar with this easy to understand the law of public relations, used to flicker investors and partners, is a very clever way. This is clearly inspired by Metcalf’s famous information industry for many years, the law says that the value of the network is equal to the square of the number of network nodes, the number of users of the network and the network’s value is proportional to the square value of V=K× network; N2, where K is the number of users for N value coefficient.

Zuckerberg’s law really set up? If it is set up, how to understand it? If it is from the simple and intuitive experience of individual users to see this law can not be established. Only 24 hours a day, each time the Internet is limited. If the contribution of his network after 10 years the amount of data is today one thousand times (10 times 2), after 20 years is one million times today, how can one person in a limited time inside of such a huge amount of data? Can’t imagine news information by a person ten years after reading is 1000 times today, or twenty years after a person visiting online shopping or playing network game time is one million times today. Similarly, if the operation from the traditional site of the company point of view, they can produce and use the most data only increases in arithmetic progression, also has nothing to do with Zuckerberg’s law, impossible to flicker investors.

Zuckerberg’s law can only be established in site like FACEBOOK, which is only applicable to individual users as the center, network service system for information interaction and communication through interpersonal relationship under the WEB2.0 framework. For example, according to the results of sociological research, people can maintain an average of up to 145 social relationships, that is to say, FACEBO>

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