Google search alliance e mail notification stop advertising display

April 16th news: from yesterday, the owners have received Google AdSense group sent mail, mail to remind the user to immediately replace the search code, and explain the current Google search alliance has stopped advertising display.

Google official said that if the publisher’s site also retained the Google search Google search alliance alliance code, the search box in the publisher’s website will still display a period of time, but the search will not produce any Google search and Google search advertising alliance income.

therefore, Google recommends that users quickly replace the site’s Google search union ad code into a AdSense custom search (if you have not completed the code replacement job). AdSense custom search products can be based on the user’s search to provide a matching Google search results and advertising, the webmaster can still use the AdSense account using AdSense custom search and get the corresponding revenue.

need to pay attention to this email is only referred to the Google search alliance has stopped advertising display, and did not say stop AdSense content advertising, so the webmaster do not need to worry about.

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