Electricity supplier supply chain or will affect the future development

with the fallout from the global financial crisis, when the market gradually into the international economic recovery. In the domestic import policy had to change the front expansion from the Internet bubble has intensified at the same time, is currently in the import tariff to adjust the excitation period, this means the Internet economy will usher in a new round of market meltdown?

case study:

"B2C clothing store as an example, assume that a product factory MOQ is 100, then the regular inventory of 60 SKU is 6000 (in fact, most of the clothing B2B B2C mall SKU far exceeds this data), if SKU sales data of this product and only 10% to the factory the MOQ, that means 90% of the SKU will become the long tail of the product inventory, according to the statistics of 90% sellers do not complete even the MOQ 10% are not complete.

view analysis:

from the above discussion is not difficult to find the lack of marketing plan for the necessary foundation, according to the fast food product development plan, will inevitably result in the emergence of a large number of product inventory, capital chain enterprises also affected. According to the 2011 clothing class electricity supplier market statistics, 90% of the small sellers are actually in the virtual library operation, service experience from where?

in the development of the relevant operational plan, it is necessary to search data as a benchmark for the premise, the user’s attention to the direction of statistics, improve their products, the user demands into product selling points. You can also through the third party B2B, B2C platform to understand the price of similar products, parameters, volume, re do the positioning of their products and prices, and operation management effectively solve the enterprise product department to intervene from the supply chain.

supply chain intervention:

Bo Yu believes that from the procurement of goods import declaration to the customer until after the whole process of hand, information asymmetry and any sales in the supply chain and the supply chain early intervention are closely related, so the rule of intervention in the supply chain more information, corporate control of the market space is large. If the product development and operational plans in conjunction with, and even the subsequent marketing also take into account, so as to enhance the efficiency of the supply chain, to achieve sustained profit growth.

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