Merchant service quality decline buy site

nearly six months, the first thing to go to work every day after the state-owned enterprises to go to work to buy a website, to see the new group buying activities. As long as the rest, refresh the activities of each group to buy the site, to see their own mission to grab something there is no mission light. In her lead, surrounded by colleagues, friends have become a group buy up. But after buying more, Miss Lin found more unpleasant experience to buy more and more. A Korean cuisine two package, the original price is 300 yuan, group purchase price of 138 yuan, but significantly less than two people. At the scene, not only need to make an appointment in advance, but also by the waiter’s cold. Who participated in the activities of the group purchase website owner admitted to reporters: "the reason to participate in group purchase to give its own commodity management advertising awareness, but an unlimited amount of orders increase group purchase website, traffic more than the normal reception of the restaurant, I was forced to reduce the quality of service."

in Qiming venture partners Tong Shihao, group purchase is a method for businesses and consumers to obtain two-way contact, behind this, for businesses and consumers to understand is the value of the group purchase website. However, at this stage, few buy site aware of this.

buy a new problem


number is less than one ten studio recently in worry, since the cooperation with a group purchase website, once took a list of two thousand or three thousand. The person in charge of the studio Miss Lu told reporters that these lists can not digest a year, can not do in the human and energy.

if the increase in the number of customers on the basis of the cost of the business is not significant to enhance the group buying, unlimited increase will only lead to a decline in service experience." Tong Shihao said. Lenovo venture capital managing director Chen Hao admitted to reporters that the main reason for the purchase of the site did not inject money is the fear of the experience behind the service and consumer confidence. In addition, the restaurant owner said, because the group purchase discount rate is too low, the vast majority of customers are not locked in the group purchase consumer groups, the general customers can account for the target consumer group is a high proportion of 10%~20%. In group purchase website smoke to commission, little profit, it brings to the group purchase website has little significance.

according to the reporter, at present the proportion of buy site is generally more than 10%, the highest can reach 30%~40%.

but this cooperation is forced into a vicious circle. Many peers are in cooperation with the group to buy the site, if we exit, but in terms of price competition counterparts, they were robbed of the customer, they have no business." Miss Lu rather reluctantly said. China e-commerce research center analyst Fang Yingzhi pointed out that the group purchase effect for small and medium businesses attraction is very large, but these small businesses can provide the actual size, such as store supply and service efficiency were also at a general level, in the face of a large number of consumers are often sudden, the flesh is weak, resulting in the consumer experience of poor. Similarly, for the buy site, the user’s level of confidence frustrated, loss of user groups >

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