Micro blog can not do are playing WeChat social media marketing of the 10 low level errors

Abstract: the traditional advertising a TVC about 200 thousand, on the 30 million basic national media, coupled with the poster, public relations activities, terminal material and so on, saying that the importance of social media, but not to eat also let you run! Millions of fans forwarded a hand piece of thousands of pieces of the price is too expensive.


review: social marketing who want to engage in, but is not up, find the cause? Could you have made these basic mistakes.

analysis 1, no one is willing to do no one to see the advertising of the 2, brand remodeling has become so important in the 3, social marketing (Social Marketing) which is so difficult

social media marketing wave under

10 will you take to become unconscious


see the following article, do you have left?

this volume a total of 100 points, a total of 10 questions, 1 questions for the 10

1, no cordial call, but also want the user to pay (-10)

refers to the "copy" and "allow users to buy it, then we talk to let users buy good copy, good advertising copy, not only can move the person, can let a person produce action immediately! For example: the most familiar and classic" beer drink mineral water, porridge peanut seeds." Every time I hear this kind of call, I can not help but be moved, and immediate action – to close the legs.

copy of the traditional pen and most people choose to better copy will go into powerful social sequence of events, copy will create topic or influence. Behind the social text full of accurate insight, to quickly get to know the things of the world, make it a good response, forcing you to study the audience’s psychology, I love to write off into your heart good words! Words fish, will you make the horse smell fishy; writing lemon, you soon the secretion of saliva; good copywriting to communicate with consumers, but now a lot of copy or in a letter to customers, the basic reason of not understanding.

2, do not understand customer preferences, will only effort


copy is not literature, which is hidden in an attempt to spread and commercial purpose! On the Internet, operating a certain point of view is sales, so the copy is words: don’t think to copy user education, with special and familiar scenes to infection.

any advertisement at least four elements: the title, image, text, trademarks. If only one element is used to make an effective advertisement, the absolute winner. Only two, or very good. Three, or better than the media. If you can’t do it with four elements, maybe go back and review the creative concept. Effective advertising is the impact produced by clever ideas to complete a communication! Copywriting is important way to communicate! Is written copy of marketing, let the customer feel right.

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