How to increase the external links of tourism e commerce website

network promotion has become the promotion mode of tourism e-commerce website a crucial, various tourist sites to see, the competition is fierce in the flames of war. When a good travel website construction, in addition to regular updates every day, how to promote their own site to go out, so that the site quickly bring users are the most concerned about the site operators. In the website promotion process, external links play a crucial role for the website ranking, the key is how to increase the site outside the chain, increase some high quality the chain to your site, SEO is the most efficient method of website promotion, want to do SEO is bound to create a chain high quality. Here to share some experience to everyone, I hope to optimize the site to help. Now I am easy to map tour website as an example to introduce the following several ways to increase the chain.

a, soft Wen marketing:

stand in the user perspective, industry perspective, as well as the perspective of the media to write some of the high quality articles, published to a number of Web sites, if you can be reproduced by a variety of web publishing, will achieve good results. The way to achieve the effect of the first is can quickly improve website PR value, increase the weight in the search engine can achieve good results. From the business point of view to write the soft, through the question and answer way to allow more users to trust your site.

1 soft release platform list:

webmaster information:

webmaster China:

China Station:

Adsense nets:




push a:


2 release soft text form

A, industry news, company news. The key to this kind of form is to have a sense of smell and speed. Such as easy map Tour – the largest Econo Hotel reservation platform.

B, industry review, industry analysis. The key to this kind of form is to have a deep understanding of the industry.

C, celebrity interviews, industry interviews. This party >

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