Network marketing and website construction cost

today has a friend (in the traditional business) to consult me about the site construction problems, because they are ready to build the company website, the conversation is as follows:

: do you have a friend to do the


I: we are mainly for the enterprise network marketing to provide the overall program, but this year the company launched a small and medium enterprises for the comprehensive consultant enterprise network marketing solutions

friends: are there any websites included?

I: Yes, the speed increase, leading and comprehensive global promotion type includes a "network marketing oriented full network marketing website system", which is a professional web site optimization.

friends: your costs than other company sites like high cost Oh, you have thousands of tens of thousands of ah, you can

: you have to have hundreds of, we are not only doing a website, we provide the enterprise network marketing solutions, is our website system in order to solve the enterprise website construction is not professional, standardized and with complimentary


friend: Oh, how much does it cost each year?

me: you mean the advertising fee

friend: Yes, is able to let customers see Baidu in

I: is that PPC, we provide the whole network marketing solutions, the website system is optimized, as long as the content of strategy and operation management standard operation we provide for you, your website engine can search in Baidu, Google have a good performance, which is for the your product key can be very good in the left front row position, which is free of charge… .

friend: ah, then do not have to pay other costs?

: my website system is to provide lifetime free technology upgrade, the effect is long-term, but if you buy a new product for the bidding advertising, the effect is quickly reflected, but as long as we do in accordance with the specification, natural ranking will soon come when bidding advertising can be removed… .

friends: Oh, that seems to be cheaper, oh, they say to buy Baidu ads are better than tens of thousands of years………………… ..

………………… ..

is a part of my friends and conversation records, actually like him a lot of customers, especially familiar with the Internet is not the traditional enterprise more generally, the main problem is to confuse the cost cost of network marketing and website construction, the new "comprehensive competition force of enterprise network marketing consultant solutions" the cost is equal to the site construction costs, thus only the above questions.

at the same time, also have the knowledge of network marketing, the bidding advertising understanding is also able to see in Baidu, Google, and lack of overall understanding of network marketing, the network marketing effect. "

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