Do network promotion will learn 12 theories

1, understand the search engine coverage

on the site before the line we need to understand the major search engine coverage is how much. In general, we are doing Baidu search engine optimization. Of course, if you do 360 and Sogou is also possible, but users do not have so much.

2, portal news release

on the web site when we can imagine a large event, this event is to let all the people see. How to let people see it? That is to go to the major web site to publish news and manuscripts. So again with your company’s own propaganda, I believe it can play a good effect, the same lot of hype event is also a process.

3, web site landing

site officially landed, then this time a lot of the site is not included. So we can go to Baidu or 360 search engines to submit our website. There are a lot of Web sites can also be submitted to our website, but this does not have to go looking for, if encountered on the submission of the line.

4, website search engine optimization

In fact,

is the optimization of the site, there are many ways to optimize the site if you do a lot of words can not be just a few. In simple terms is the internal structure of the site optimization, a simple example: ALT description of the picture. This is the place that many people will miss. Then update the article, the release of the chain and exchange links. These are the most common things to do.

5, Baidu

flexible to use Baidu’s products is a wise choice, Baidu’s own products it is soon included weight is very high, if it is a new web site you need to spend more money to put the news, then you have a news source. Baidu encyclopedia, for example, if it is to practice their own Baidu Encyclopedia of the number of words every day to adhere to edit entries, this is best to find a book to write, but very time-consuming. Wait until your account to 4 through the rate of about 80% will be able to edit entries. It’s a good thing to weave an entry for your company or website.

6, forum posting

forum if I believe everyone, here I will introduce a person not much but there will also be included in the forum. Dongguan: Riverside life network, Xicihutong, grassroots network, Ji’nan gold forum, community etc.. These sites are included and can be outside the chain, the more well-known forum is no longer introduced.

7, network video communication

network video this is very simple, we can go to find a suitable material and then add their own company’s logo or at the beginning and the end

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