See Zhu Shaoliu Damour Wuzhi ma

maybe you know Ma Yun Damour five plan, but you did not think that Zhu Shaoliu not only has Damour fingers, there is more of a finger, how is this going? Let’s take a look at the little Liu Damour way.

network community planning community has Ma Yun, Zhu Shaoliu, Jin Zhu less liute global synchronous launch Damour Wuzhi five service classes, corresponding to Ma Yun’s Taobao, Alibaba, YAHOO, Ali software integrity, five network industry, which opened the planning training sector refers to the five Damour era, Zhu Shaoliu’s course aroused the rush of attention, causing the majority of students enthusiastically follow, by training community of top executives, and little Liu, what kind of magic to the industry is so appealing? What is the strength to let Zhu Shaoliu become the majority of followers in the eyes of the best teacher of


it all started three years ago when Zhu Shaoliu was involved in a war.

it’s a war against the human race. Zhu Shaoliu had been able to work at the China Petroleum headquarters in order to rely on the outstanding research ability and creative ability. But tired of ease less firm and decisively rejected Liu supervisor’s arrangement, leaving only one sentence: " graduation is only the beginning of life, a better life journey began, I want to start in the world alone, I believe will be able to create a miracle. " said this when you win, when Zhu Shaoliu left the university to just over twenty, said this time, Zhu Shaoliu took the scholarship to a primary school in Gansu, leaving only 500 dollars to make a living away from home. Leave the University in July 1st, Zhu Shaoliu began looking for a job, a lot of reading will keep students looking for work on Zhu Shaoliu are very puzzled, and even with the front of the detailed guidance in college mentor to help Zhu Shaoliu find work. In fact, this is to say Zhu Shaoliu is a very " enjoy " people, but when he is enjoying the creation, and even later in life and work on extreme still is a kind of enjoyment, rely on this superhuman willpower and perseverance, Zhu Shaoliu embarked on a 80 well-known financial writer in occupation career life. In the next three years, Zhu Shaoliu kept on writing and reading. We know that the world’s most brutal business ideology training is Harvard Business School, but it is only 1 and a half years of honing. But this did not stop Zhu Shaoliu hone is 5 years, it is through such a cruel business sense of the endless training, of course, this is also the most miss Zhu Shaoliu of the day, the day and the brothers fought for customers, for customers to die, at night it is hard to Harvard, Yale, Oxford and other overseas classic management the strategy and marketing books and papers. This is to rely on talent training as The imprint is engraved on my heart. only the achievements of the Zhu Shaoliu superhuman business ability and eloquence ability as well as the debate be not of the common sort elegant refined full cultural temperament. All this makes when he was in negotiation with customers to quote freely, all kinds of case and allusions xinshounianlai, many customers when talking about cooperation and Zhu Shaoliu, and Zhu Shaoliu is not the most emotion.

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