This is probably the most depth analysis analysis of the marketing strategy of Durex

from the introduction of network marketing, micro-blog and WeChat, and data analysis, and activities, competing products on the six aspects of Durex to conduct a comprehensive and in-depth analysis, about 8500 words. Long, careful reading!

first part: introduction

1.1 product profile


(Durex) was born in 1929, is the world famous brand sexual health. Durex (Durex) combination of the name from three English words: durable and reliable (Durability) (Reliability), excellent (Excellence). Durex (Durex) product line covers from condoms, lubricants, supplies and other fields.


in China annual production of about 1 billion condoms, accounting for about 40% Chinese market share, sales in more than and 150 countries, and occupy the leading position in the more than and 40 markets.

of Durex’s official website

1.2 operations team


micro-blog business entrusted to the operators, the third party global interaction, the most important surgeon who is the Universal Interactive CEO and CKO Jinpeng far.


(Jin Pengyuan)

of course for consumers, whether it is universal or interactive Jinpeng far is unfamiliar, but the name of the old gold in the marketing circle that is famous, his works permeated our life.





(Li Na retired hotspots)



(nickname bottle)

unfamiliar street copy


Jingdong copywriter


These cases are all

for having heard it many times from universal interaction, ordinary people may wonder how old gold so awesome, but when you pay attention to his public number, learned that he made this way works for a month, you need to read the 15-30 book, he learned before the failure after four times. You will understand that these things are a process of accumulation.

second part: network marketing data and channel

2.1 Baidu index

According to the demand of Baidu

index index recently shows, a hot topic recently Durex (Russia banned Durex) a high degree of concern, followed by Durex’s official website, advertising.

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