Ali Nun Killer first talk about how to combat fake Society

she was ma called "Nun Killer". She is Ali partner. Today, she is the identity of the chief platform officer, responsible for the fight against counterfeit Alibaba and intellectual property rights protection.


technology news December 28th afternoon, in early December, the Alibaba announced the formation of the platform management department for the first time, by the Alibaba group partner, previously worked at KPMG for 13 years, Ms. Zheng Junfang featuring vice CFO. Platform management department will be responsible for business platform rules, intellectual property protection, against counterfeiting, credit speculation management matters.

Two weeks after

, Ali also announced Apple’s former legal adviser Matthew · Bashir (Matthew Bassiur) served as group vice president and global head of IP, the appointment is interpreted by the media at home and abroad for Ali to continue to strengthen the crackdown signal. And Matthew · in the specific business will also be on the dotted line of the report on the line of duty for the purpose of Zheng Junfang.

Chinese in fake foreign people eyes Why so much? Why is it so hard to China all kinds of fake electricity supplier management? December 28th in an interview, Zheng Junfang answers to these questions, the following is an interview record summary:

How to treat the problem of fake [

: my team often in Liu Qiangdong said "no fake Jingdong" news commentary, the consumer feedback to find clues to the counterfeiting group. [


question: as a platform chief executive officer, how do you see the problem of fake society


Zheng Junfang: fake is a cancer of the social and economic development. But based on a common sense of society is that fakes from the line, and the business model itself has nothing to do, in China, which is the problem faced by all electronic business platform.

Ali will not be like Jingdong do to avoid blindly "fake" problem, the problem is not resolved, not to consumers as the object can be fooled. On the contrary, my team often in Liu Qiangdong said "no fake Jingdong" news commentary, the consumer feedback to find clues to the counterfeiting group. In the exposure of the "lucky sunny" via the Internet selling fake luxury goods in large quantities in the case of Jingdong,, shop No. 1 in the column, but why not only Tmall and Taobao? I also have a special investigation, the company in the shop is not part of the materials submitted to pass.

so Alibaba is more willing to face the public question of fake issues. Fake difficult to cure the reason lies in the source repeatedly banned. Whether online or offline, it is just a fake sales channels. So Alibaba try both hands – on the one hand is "blocking", and resolutely crack down on fake online, not only clear, more from the network data to find the fake source, and the ability to output to the society, to promote the line against the source of governance; on the other hand is sparse, push Chinese made original industry this matter. If you have the quality of the product today but no brand, Ali provides enough traffic to support you to do the brand, but you will never be allowed

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